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    Jaimy Piccirilli's 2004 Mustang GT has been selected as the April 2012 Ride of the Month. Jaimy is a 39 year old CADD Designer from Saratoga, New York. He bought this immaculate Mustang in 2009 with only 8,800 miles on the odometer. This isn't his first Mustang, as he owned a 2003 SVT Mustang Cobra previously but sold it and was "stangless" for about 3 years.

    Jaimy gets his passion for cars from his father. He claims "my father taught me everything I know". Someone recently asked Jaimy whom he would recommend for an engine builder. His response - "I have only had one engine builder in my 20+ years of this hobby. I have not had a single engine failure, so I guess I will continue to have my father build them for me!"

    This 2004 Mustang GT is particularly impressive because Jaimy built it all himself. The end result is a pump gas 2V 4.6L that makes a hair under 700 rear wheel horsepower. His car is nothing shy of amazing, and is probably the cleanest Mustang you will ever see!

    Jaimy would like to thank both his father, as well as his wife for putting up with his hobby.

    Side view of Jaimy's 2004 Mustang GT

    Front view of Jaimy's 2004 Mustang GT

    Check out the custom upholstery in Jaimy's 2004 Mustang GT

    Under hood shot showing a beautiful engine bay


    .020 bore and stroke 4.6l
    Ross -17 dish pistons
    Cobra crank
    Manley rods
    Ferrea SS valves
    Heads Foxlake CNC ported (2-valve)
    Edelbrock intake Manifold
    2003 Mustang Cobra throttle body
    Custom upper intake made by Jaimy
    HPX slot mass air
    Moroso oil pan

    Twin Gt pumps
    Modded FPDM
    8an line
    40amp KB BAP
    60lb injectors
    Edelbrock Fuel Rails

    Power adder
    Vortech YSI
    8 Rib drive with ATI balancer
    3 bolt front cover
    Treadstone intercooler
    All piping custom made by Jaimy

    Pypes SS long tube headers
    SS catted x-pipe (made by me)
    Magnaflow cat back

    TR3650 Transmission
    Dual friction clutch
    94-98 style rearend housing
    31 spline moser alxes
    3.55 gears

    MM coil-overs (ft and rr)
    MM CC plates
    PA racing tubular K-member
    1 3/8 Roush Front sway bat
    Addco 7/8 rear sway bar
    Cobra Front brakes
    Drilled and slotted Front and Rear rotors

    Wheels and tires
    17x9 (Front) 10th anniversary chrome wheels
    18x10 (Rear) 10th anniversary chrome wheels
    Nitto Nt05R 285/40/18 (rear)

    Innovate Motorsports Boost and Air/fuel gauges
    2001 Cobra instrument cluster
    Cobra front bumper cover
    Cervini Cowl hood
    Custom covered seats (gray with orange carbon fiber centers)
    SCT tuned by Eric Brooks @ Brooks Speed
    Comments 7 Comments
    1. zkilla396's Avatar
      zkilla396 -
      Awesome looking car - hope to have mine at that point some day! BTW - is that "CAD" Designer? If not, what is CADD?
    1. twin051302's Avatar
      twin051302 -
      Amazing car, love a built 2V!!!
    1. jpicc's Avatar
      jpicc -
      Quote Originally Posted by zkilla396 View Post
      Awesome looking car - hope to have mine at that point some day! BTW - is that "CAD" Designer? If not, what is CADD?

      As far as the CADD it's computer-aided design and drafting (CADD)
    1. sabotage's Avatar
      sabotage -
      nice car.....
    1. shawnssvtcobra's Avatar
      shawnssvtcobra -
      Sharp stang man,congrats

    1. Timspony's Avatar
      Timspony -
      Congrats Jaimy! ....Well done, very nice ride!!!
    1. rob2407's Avatar
      rob2407 -
      Beautiful!! Congrats! I own a 04 GT, I would love that amount of HP out of a 2V. I didn't know these things are that much capable
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