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  • Twin Turbo Cobra Jet Concept Revealed at SEMA

    This just in from SEMA... Ford Racing has debuts a Cobra Jet equipped with a 5.0L Coyote force fed by a twin turbo setup. Ford Racing has done an excellent job keeping this project quiet. Though we don't have any specific details on the turbo setup, it is rumored that the turbos are similar to the ones used on the new Focus ST. We will update this as we get more information! For now, please enjoy the pictures and video!

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    1. FireFighterHill's Avatar
      FireFighterHill -
      That is so damn sexy!
    1. shawnssvtcobra's Avatar
      shawnssvtcobra -
      Damn I love it,

    1. Smokin04's Avatar
      Smokin04 -
    1. tampa03cobra's Avatar
      tampa03cobra -
      That is amazing, and since it was engineered at the OEM level it likely uses parts that will trickle down to the consumer world.
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