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    The Ford Mustang is getting its 5th platform overhaul in its 50 year history, debuting with the 2015 Mustang.

    Inside sources leaked that the new Mustang will no longer using the S197 platform that the rigid 2005-2014 Mustangs are built on. An all new platform, codename S550, will be used instead.

    The 2015 Mustang will also receive an independent rear suspension and the option for a turbocharged four cylinder Ecoboost engine.

    Ford is doing an excellent job keeping the all new exterior design under wraps, so for now we can only speculate what the new pony car will look like, but it is supposed to be less "retro" than the current model. I speculate that the new car is going to be smaller, lighter, and more aerodynamic.

    Initially it was rumored that the European market would have a 2.3L 4 cylinder Ecoboost option. Now it is rumored that the US market will get this option as well. It has been long rumored that Ford wanted to bring back the SVO Mustang. That may just be it.

    Check back as I update this article with more information as it become available.
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    1. yknot's Avatar
      yknot -
      Well it seems as the time wattles down and the big 2015 reveal gets closer, the more we begin to know about the new 2015 Ford Mustang. As it is now, we know they are leaning toward a small car, with a more rounded (Modern) appearance. This is both good and bad, for me. I like a modern car, but not at the expense of removing the masculine side, or muscle look. After all, what is a Mustang if not a muscle car?
      Body wise, we have all seen the few spy shots…It shows a car with very little rear overhang, a more rounded front end, and a very low hood line. In fact the hood has no rise to it at all, as most all former Mustangs have had. This also tells us a lot about what will be offered in terms of power plants. According to the newest of all news on the subject, most might be disappointed by the new design. The GT 500 version of the mustang is gone, as we know it. The 5.4L or 5.8L engine with its tall deck height and supercharger will not fit in the new car. Word is that the highest level, GT500 will now come from Ford with a 5.0L coyote with Twin Turbos, pretty much like the Cobra Jet version they are testing now. This new engine combo will prove very popular to those that can afford the price of admission. The rest of us will have to choose from the re-vamped line-up. Yes, it is true, the next generation of Mustang will have a 4-Cylinder engine available. It will be the 4-cyl eco Boost engine. The only other engine available for the standard Mustang will be the V-6 and V-6 Turbo. Yes that's right, no V-8 for the standard Mustang crowd !! There is talk, that the 5.0L coyote engine may be available as a Boss 302 Version only. So now to get a V-8 in your Mustang, you are going to have to speed the big bucks, the rest will have to make do with 4and 6 cylinders.
      I suppose we all knew this was coming, but just not this fast. The new economy and governmental regulations are killing the V-8, or at least the V-8 for poor people. I say that because, you will not be able to get one without spending a minimum of $50K, with the GT 500 probably running around $75K.

      It's a shame, because the best bang for the buck was the stripped down car with a big engine, like the LX model. These won't be available anymore and I think it will hurt the sport, and hurt the culture.

      The sport, because you have to purchase the top of the line to get a V-8 and many will not be able to do that. Yes, a V-6 now makes 300HP, and I will assume the Turbo-V-6 will make at least 380HP??, but it's still a V-8 and that limits it to parts available and ultimate HP. The Sport will suffer for the same reasons, as most race v-8 engine. I do see a Eco-Boost 3.6L class like we now have a Coyote class for drag racing, but I'm not sure how the crowd will react? It could be a boon, as the v-6 Mustang was very fast on the road race course, and with its additional HP, maybe there will be a whole new class and hobby associated with it? I hope so. Still, it's sad to see the death of the V-8. It has been the top tier engine for so long, it's going to take a while to get over it. I suppose the only bright spot, is you can still purchase a coyote engine and race in a class that way, as long as that stays affordable.
      I feel for the many supercharger manufacturers out there, as this will put a huge dent in their sales. Vortex and Pro charger may not be affected, it they can get there assemblies under the hood line, but Whipple, Roush, Kenny Bell and others will suffer.
      I'm not sure if GM is doing something similar? They really do not have a turbo program, especially not to the extent that Ford has, so they may not be switching to the v-6 like Ford is. I suspect that they will, just a little later then Ford. What is Dodge to do? They have nothing like this going on to put into place?
      Well, we know the car will have IRS, is it’s a good time for those in the half shaft business! Get started with your HD parts line. I haven't seen any dimensions, but the car appears much smaller. I see almost no over hang in the rear, which will shorten up the car quite a bit, it looks thinner also, but that just may be the pictures?
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