Cylinder Head Cooling Mod from Cobra Engineering - Modular Fords

  • New Cylinder Head Cooling Mod from Cobra Engineering

    Cobra Engineering, LLC. has just released their head cooling mod for 4V Modular engines.

    This head cooling mod comes with 2 plugs, O-rings, bolts, brackets, and hardware. It is not a complete kit, but it is designed so that you can choose your own hose and fittings to finish the install. This is the nicest kit available on the market and is very affordable at only $100 plus shipping.

    For more information, check out Cobra Engineering on the web.
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    1. speeddemon2000's Avatar
      speeddemon2000 -
      This is awesome!!
    1. KingKiller's Avatar
      KingKiller -
      whew wish this had been out last year when I was trying to find the damn o-ring for those coolant openings in the back!
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