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  • NHTSA investigating Ford F-150 Ecoboost Engine Issue

    After several lawsuits were filed against Ford for a loss of power during acceleration, the US government has taken noticed, and has the NHTSA investigating the issue.

    From what I have been able to gather, part of the issue lies from the 2011 MY Ecoboost F-150 having a .050" gapped spark plug, where as the 2012+ MY trucks are running a tighter gap.

    The real issue seems to stem from a problem with the charge air cooler allowing condensation to build inside of it causing the loss of power.

    I expect to see Ford issuing a TSB to take care of the issue pretty soon.
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    1. Utah03Cobra's Avatar
      Utah03Cobra -
      My 2012 has done the same thing. Started pinging and detonating at 6,000 rpms and would'nt grab 2nd. I regapped plugs and it has'nt happend since. Hopefully they stand behind it and get it right... Love the truck besides that 1 issue, pulls my 6500lb boat no snag.
    1. Eric Brooks's Avatar
      Eric Brooks -
      I knew it would be a matter of time before the Ecoboost had one issue, being an entirely new powerplant, but in all honesty, its a pretty minor issue to correct.
    1. Utah03Cobra's Avatar
      Utah03Cobra -

      How would you address it? Different intercooler? Please elaborate....

      Jon Henry
    1. dsg2003mach1's Avatar
      dsg2003mach1 -
      ford has tried a few things and the fix seems to be hit or miss...first they put a shield behind part of the intercooler, now theyve released a redesigned charge air cooler with a pcm update. It seems to have fixed some trucks but not others, seems like the trucks that have it are catching hell trying to fix it. My 12 has 15k on it and no issues thus far thank god
    1. Tractionless's Avatar
      Tractionless -
      Weird how it never came up during their 1 million mile test, or whatever it was that was advertised here.
    1. Nitrous Express's Avatar
      Nitrous Express -
      Interesting. I'm still pretty impressed with the Ecoboost platform.
    1. 03dsgTerm's Avatar
      03dsgTerm -
      I'll be watch the fix as well. I'm in the market for a new truck so I'll following this.
    1. redstanger's Avatar
      redstanger -
      had it happen to my 2011 regapped plugs problem fixed. Hasnt happened with my 2013...I checked plugs right when i got home from buying it. My local ford mechanic tried telling me it needed a reflash on the tune and I was just a little out of warranty. I said no and did the plugs.
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