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    OK guys the deal is done and the numbers are in. Here are a few pics of the piston from different perspectives;

    Angled top view,

    Angled bottom / side view,

    Bottom view,

    Angled Top and side view,

    Thrust face view,

    To allow you to look to your heart's content I have also attached a 3D pdf file of the piston to this article. The file is named Gibtec.pdf. Download it and you can spin the piston around to your heart's content looking at it from all sides.

    What you see is basically 99% finished. There are little elements that still need to be added like the double pin oilers but the design is essentially complete.

    I can tell you with a virtual certainty this is the finest Modmotor piston you can buy anywhere at any price. It just doesn't get any better than this. The best pistons I could build using forgings fall decidedly short of this design. These pistons fall into the F1 class of piston. You do not have to order in standard, 0.010 or 0.020 over size. These pistons can be furnished in any bore size you want in 0.001" increments.

    The complete package will include the following;

    Eight billet 2618 aluminum pistons with pin fitting,
    TotalSeal Ring set 1.5 x 1.5 x 3.0 mm
    .... Ductile Iron Top Ring
    .... Standard (non-gapless second ring)
    .... Standard tension oil rings
    Eight 0.866 x 2.500 x 0.180 wall H-13 Tool Steel Pins (if you want a heavier wall it is also available)
    Sixteen 0.866 wire locks (If you prefer Spirolocs specify at ordering time)
    Eight oil support rails.

    That is the entire ModFords Terminator piston package. The actual part number is not established in the Gibtec computer system yet but will be very shortly. All you need to know is what bore size you want and what compression ratio you want and the rest is done for you. You do not have to know about skirt cam, skirt thickness, ring package design or placement, valve reliefs etc. The work has already been done for you.

    The price for the entire package is $1,138!

    Remember these are custom billet pistons, engineered specifically for our supercharged engines. These are not warmed over n/a forgings masquerading as blower pistons.

    If you ever hurt one you can order an exact replacement or an exact replacement 0.001 or 0.002 or 0.003 bigger and not have to step up for a whole new set of pistons. The skirts on these pistons are 0.200" thick, the rings are 0.280" down from the crown, the ring land depth, clearance and finish have been optimized for the TotalSeal ring set. The piston you see with the (essentially) flat top will produce a 9:1 c/r with two country miles of PTV clearance on cams as big as 0.525" lift.

    For those who would like a Moly coated dry lubricant on the skirts you can add it for $160!

    All right guys you finally have the ultimate blower motor piston expressly designed for our engines.

    If you want a set call Gibtec @ (303) 243-3340 ask for Nick Plantus and tell him you want a set of the blown Modmotor pistons that he and Ed designed.

    OK, say some words at me.


    Gibtec 3D image.PDF

    UPDATE: Here are Pics of the actual pistons from Joe Goffin's order

    This is a Top Oblique View;

    This is a Side View;

    This is a Bottom View

    These are easily the finest blown Modmotor pistons you can get anywhere.

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    1. showme cobra's Avatar
      showme cobra -
      Your awesome Ed
    1. eschaider's Avatar
      eschaider -
      Quote Originally Posted by showme cobra View Post
      Your awesome Ed

      Not really Jim but thanks anyhow. This is something I should have done / wanted to do sometime ago but could not get access to an adequate supply of the necessary forgings to produce the piston(s) at that time. The CNC option while always available usually came with a $300 per piston price tag (for just the piston) which put it outside of any real human being's budget / price range. The Gibtec folks changed all that. Their willingness to work out the design with me and the excellent price point for the whole package (pistons, pins, rings and locs) is what made this whole package possible. Really great people and really great product.

      I know everyone likes to say words like these but I can honestly say this is the finest Modmotor piston available anywhere at any price and it is there for you guys whenever you need it at virtually off the shelf pricing.

    1. smashedheadcat's Avatar
      smashedheadcat -
      I will purchase these once I decide what block I'm using.
    1. brian97cobra1's Avatar
      brian97cobra1 -
      man if only you would have made these like 6 months sooner....

      oh well beautiful piston and I'm happy with my custom diamonds. I asked for custom stuff that are built into your pistons. .290 down 1.5 1.5 3mm spiral locks, double oiler, coated, ect...

      but should I need pistons again ill give these a shot they look great
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