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    by Published on 07-31-2019 07:39 PM     Number of Views: 8164 

    Easily one of the more frustrating aspects of owning a Cobra has been the tunability. As we increase power levels with larger blowers we need to add larger injectors and larger MAFs et al. Even worse Ford has engineered hard stops into the OEM ECU for things like injector size, MAF size etc.

    As we come up on these stops the only way around the Ford mandated hard stops is to scale the particular parameter and all the parameters upstream and downstream that interact with it. While not impossible to do (many have done it) the manipulation effects other aspects of the Factory ECU of which an important one is the load calculation. Because load is foundational to the correct fueling across the engine operating range and it varies across the engine operating range and vehicle conditions, fiddling with it can bring unintended consequences.

    Until now there has been only two alternatives;

    1) Use the scaled OEM ECU and do your best, or

    2) Go aftermarket, build a wiring harness, buy a bunch of OEM sensors repackaged and repriced much higher — just because and spend $4,000 or more to finish off your aftermarket EFI system

    As of today, you have a third alternative with a lot of attractive attributes — buy a true plug and play MS3PRO system from DIYAUTOTUNE and replace the factory ECU.

    The P-n-P system has a number of very endearing features but perhaps the most is the Plug and Play attribute. You literally unplug your Factory ECU and plug in the new ECU directly into to your existing factory harness connector. That’s it! Connect Ford’s manifold pressure sensor tubing from the engine to the ECU, set timing and start your engine! The ECU comes with a base tune already loaded!

    The DIYAUTOTUNE MS3PRO ECU was designed as a Plug and Play but fully programmable ECU. It will not only run the engine it will run rest of the car including your OEM dash and all its instruments! It uses all your OEM Ford sensors so you don’t have to do a wholesale replacement with the EFI manufacturers favorite sensors at his favorite prices. Best of all this system eliminates the need for a custom EFI wiring harness — it uses the OEM harness you already have and fits in right where the OEM CPU used to be!

    This is what it looks like;

    The big square gray connector on the front is a carbon copy of the same connector on your OEM computer and accepts your wiring harness connector w/o any modifications. How much does it cost? — $1,349 and that includes the tuning software for the ECU, which is available in both Windows and Mac format.

    I want to talk about some of the features you get in the package. If you run a return style system no problem basically, all aftermarket systems do this. If you haven’t converted to a return style system yet the MS3Pro can run your factory returnless system but muuuuch better than the OEM Ford logic did, so you don’t have to invest in a returnless system just to use the ECU
    Remember all that scaling talk for the Factory ECU? It’s history! You just plug in the actual injector characterization you received from your injector supplier, Same with the MAF. Want to run a BA 2600? Load the MAF transfer curve and you’re ready to go. BA 3000, BA5000 etc? Same story just load the MAF transfer curve. Pick the MAF you want load the transfer curve and you are ready to go!

    Not bad Huh? Well it gets better. In addition to coming with a base tune for the car that will get you up and running right out of the box, the ECU has a self-learning capability that will allow you to further optimize the base tune for your specific vehicle.

    Another nice feature of the MS3PRO ECU is the ability to use any of three different fueling strategies Alpha-N, Speed Density or Mass Air and provide the ability to blend from one to another. The blending capability allows the use of the most effective fueling strategy for the particular environment.

    Want to be able to switch between a race and street tune. The ECU supports table switching for both fuel and timing maps. Want to run E-85? The ECU has a flex fuel feature that will scale the tune between 100% gasoline and 100% ethanol depending on what it finds in the tank.

    Additional MS3Pro P-n-P ECU features

    • 16×16 Fuel Tables for high resolution tuning
    • 16×16 Ignition Tables
    • Multiple Acceleration enrichment strategies
    • Closed Loop Idle Speed Control
    • Air Conditioner Control
    • 8 sequential fuel injector channels with individual trim tables
    • 8 sequential ignition channels with individual trim tables
    • Onboard peak and hold drivers that support both high and low impedance injectors – without any external ballast resistor required!
    • The ability to work with or without the stock MAF sensor in either Speed Density or Mass Air mode

    Advanced MS3Pro P-n-P Features that are included

    • 12×12 Air Fuel Ratio Target Tables for use with wideband O2 sensor for precise tuning and table trim.
    • Multiple traction control strategies (Just add a Front Wheel VSS like this)
    • Built-in 3-step rev limiter / launch control with flat shift and burnout rev limiter
    • Time based timing / boost increase after launch
    • Real time barometric correction
    • Internal 4-bar MAP sensor that reads up to 44PSI of boost
    • Overboost protection
    • Closed loop boost control (Requires EBC solenoid kit)
    • CO2 based boost control
    • Set boost by RPM and throttle, ground speed, or gear
    • Rally style anti lag
    • Water injection control – on/off or variable
    • Knock sensor input with adjustable sensitivity, crank angle windowing, and more
    • Table switching input. Change fuel and spark maps on the fly for different fuels, nitrous activation, etc.
    • Input for flex fuel sensor – switch between E85 and gasoline on the fly!
    • Supports for many aftermarket dashes/displays such as Racepak, Race Technologies, AiM Sports, AEM, Dakota Digital, Autosports Labs, Perfect Tuning, etc.
    • CAN Bus expansion connector that allows an almost unlimited interconnection of other devices for additional functionality like EGT Input, Automatic Transmission Controller, Additional Sensors …

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few engine saving features like a way to automatically shut the engine off for oiling, fueling or engine coolant temperature out of range situations? Well if you haven’t guessed by now that’s there too and you get to pick the triggering thresholds you would like to use — Its there!

    How about knock detection and control where the ECU pulls timing when it detects the knock and adds it back in until it ‘hears’ knock again and then steps back just short of it. If you run a supercharged gasoline engine without knock detection and control it is like playing Russian Roulette with more than one bullet. It's there!

    How about a traction control feature that does not beat up the engine like a two step does. One that is programmable to allow a user programmable amount of wheel slip and then pull pull timing to soften the torque to limit wheel spin and then begins to roll it back in as fast as the tire can handle it. It's there! In fact it will allow you to literally leave the line black tracking the slick and stay just short of wheel spin — which is the best acceleration you can get, period!

    In addition to the hardware, the system comes with a tuning software package that runs on either Windows or Mac based platforms and adds new meaning to the idea of clarity in setup and tuning. The MS3PRO P-n-P package includes a built in data logging capability that does not require an additional handheld device. There is a wireless capability that will allow you to project a dashboard onto an Android device and even data log to the device if you wish to.

    The tuning software is created by EFI Analytics, click here => EFI Analytics . EFI Analytics also provides a data log viewer that will allow you to pick and choose the events you want to observe and set the time base so you can expand or shrink the event for best clarity and data display.

    DIYAUTOTUNE will be releasing the ECUs in three separate releases;

    Release #1 will be for the 99-04 Mustang GT, 99-02 Cobra DOHC (NA), 03-04 Mach 1 DOHC - Seq. Spark, Digital Dash, DOHC with Knock Sensors. The part # is MSPNPPro-EECIV-8CM and it is available right now.

    Release #2 will be for the 03-04 Mustang Cobra, Digital Dash. This unit was finishing up dyno test last week as I was talking to the folks at DIYAUTOTUNE and should be available within 2 to four weeks, possibly sooner. The part # is MSPNPPro-EECIV-8DM

    Release #3 will for the 96-98 Mustang GT OHV, Cobra DOHC – Wasted Spark, Non-Digital Dash, the Cobra implementation also supports OEM knock sensors. The Part # is MSPNPPro-EECIV-8AM

    All in all, an extraordinarily complete package that is literally plug and play with the entire SN95 platform and it comes in at a $1,349 price point, including tuning software.

    Here is a link to their page with the new ECU =>MSPRO PNP for Terminators and SN95s

    Looks like Santa came early this year ...



    Here are two 7 minute videos covering the physical install and the initial setup and first start. Guaranteed to WOW you!

    Click here =>MS3Pro PnP Install — Part 1

    Click here =>MS3Pro PnP Setup & First Start — Part 2
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    Compliments of johnny-longtorso.

    Source: 2000 Ford Workshop Information Manual

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