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2004 FORD Mustang Cobra - "Scarlett"
Owner LuvThatBoost

Vehicle 2004 FORD Mustang Cobra
Engine Type 4.6L DOHC
Vehicle Class Sports
Color Maroon
Updated 05-30-2020 08:07 AM
Mileage 57,000 Miles
Price $28,700.00 USD
Purchase Date 08-14-2004
Total Views 86

Oh, yeah!! I was looking to buy a sports car for two summers, before I bought my Cobra. Also considered a Lotus Esprit, Corvette, and Viper. Big consideration (at the time) was that the Cobra does have a back seat, and decent sized trunk. Only modification to it is that I had a K&M cold air intake. Scarlett gets people's attention more often than not, and I had someone try and follow me home the first summer I bought her! A very reliable car, too - just a couple of problems which were due to the engineering of it.