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  1. Coolant sensor on PI Swap with Autometer guage. Where to mount third sender?

    I want to run an Autometer Mechanical gauge on my PI Swap, but both spots on the intake are used. The coolant fitting in the side of the block is too close to the motor mount to get the sender in...
  2. Thank you. I think I will try solid, and see if I...

    Thank you. I think I will try solid, and see if I have any issues.
  3. "You aren't going to go wrong with the Prothane...

    "You aren't going to go wrong with the Prothane poly set sold by Maximum Motorsports (and probably others) - they are rock solid. Have had all the Prothane bushings in my IRS for 7+ years and all...
  4. Will a 95 guauge cluster work in a 98?

    I'm having a hard time finding a 98 cluster for my 98 2V swap. Will a 95 gauge cluster work with a 98 harness, or does it have to be a 96-98?

  5. 03 Cobra IRS. Solid differential bushing questions??

    I've been collecting parts and I'm finally working on my 89 Coupe. I'm getting ready to do urethane bushings in the control arms/subframe, and the solid differential bushings.

    I didn't realize...
  6. 98 2V harness with Fox Dash/ ABS Fox retrofit. Need help.

    I had years worth of links to tech articles for the Fox Coupe that I'm building and I lost them when I transferred all my files to back-up.I have all the parts collected and I'm ready to start the...
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    What driveshaft for a 2V in a Fox

    Good morning all. New user here. Long time Corral member, but new to Mod Motors.

    I apologize if I post this in the wrong forum, but I didn't see one for engine swaps.

    I'm doing a 2V swap in my...
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    I'm about to do this modification on my coupe. I...

    I'm about to do this modification on my coupe. I found this thread in a search, but all the pictures are blurred out by photobucket. Is there a way to see the pictures clearly?
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