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  1. Vehicles
    Hey im looking for a low mileage under 40k , 03/04 cobra in or near Ct. Mods don't scare me away but nothing radical please. Im willing to travel for the right car . Must be hardtop , any color will do but sonic blue , torche red or red fire are my choice colors . Title in hand is a plus and...
  2. Vehicles
    i have a 2003 cobra it is black.has chrome factory wheels,almost new tires up front and a month old nitto dr 315 out back has sct programmer,k&n air filter straight shot air filter,2.76 upper pulley on blower aux idler pulley,has been tuned at mephis tn at dyno speed made 467hp/480tq very...
  3. Vehicles
    Up for sale is my 2003 Cobra. This car is immaculate top/bottom/inside/out. It only has 12,xxx miles on it and has a fully built VT stroker motor which now makes it a 5.0L. It has stage 3 crower cams, cp pistons, carillo rods and a 4340 billet forged crank. 26 spline input shaft, spec 3 twin...
  4. Vehicles
    Ford : Mustang | eBay
  5. Modular V8 and V10 Conversions and Swaps
    Inherited a 2003 Grand Marquis with a blown engine and worn rear end. To ask a very general question: what are "reasonable" and relatively inexpensive swap options (meaning the fewest alterations to the chassis and bodywork, and not altering the basic handling of the car)?
  6. Vehicles
    DON'T LET FRIENDS WHO DRIVE IMPORTS DRIVE YOUR COBRA..!! A shift into 3rd and then.. "DEATH WOBBLE".. sad day indeed. All major componets are still running great.. i originally wanted to gut it and drop everything into an early model FORD pick up (BAD ASS) but lack of time and money prevent...
  7. Vehicles
    2003 Cobra 21k miles Exterior is 9.8 out of 10 (not a single dent or ding) Interior is 9.5 out of 10 (leather and suede inserts are nearly perfect) Motor, Fuel, and Underhood Modifications: *2.2L Kenne Bell Twin Screw Supercharger w/ 18lb and 21lb Pulleys *Custom KB Intake Port *Accufab...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Its got a couple things done to it. I bought it from a lady that thought it was stock... 47K miles, cams (unknown), mac longtube headers, mac high flow cats, mac mass air meter, flowmaster catback, steeda springs, lowered, K&N CAI, steeda tri-ax short throw shifter, and a few other nick nacks...
  9. Power Adders
    2003-2004 Cobra Plenum, great for eaton swaps on a mach 1! The plenum has been lightly ported some. Came off of my friend's Mach 1 w/ Eaton setup. Only removed because he went to a single blade throttle body. $45 SHIPPED!
  10. Engine Parts
    2003-2004 Cobra Plenum, great for eaton swaps on a mach 1! The plenum has been lightly ported some. Came off of my friend's Mach 1 w/ Eaton setup. Only removed because he went to a single blade throttle body. $45 SHIPPED!
  11. Engine Parts
    Timing cover off of 03 Cobra, has around 30k miles on it. This is needed when doing an Eaton swap on a Mach 1 or 99-01 Cobra. These are upwards of $300 new, sell for $150 SHIPPED!
  12. Fuel System Components
    Friend bought this for his 03 GT he is now parting out. This setup is pretty much a must have if you are trying to make any decent power in a 99-04 GT, 03-04 Mach 1, or 99-01 Cobra, such as Supercharged, Turbo, Nitrous setups. With a KB Boosta Pump, this setup can support 600-650 rwhp, with oem...
  13. Engine Parts
    '03 4.6L Cobra motor w/forged refreshed internals, stage 2 comp cams, spring, built oil pump and valve covers. Before i built the engine, it had 26k on it. I put about 500 miles on it. Very well maintained, always had royal purple race oil, never abused. $6500 I'm upgrading to a bigger engine...
  14. Suspension Parts
    This is a set of 12 way adjustable QA1's I bought a while back to put on the IRS of my 03 Cobra. I never got around to doing it and now I would rather have the money than the shocks. These have never been installed and are brand new. The price brand new from where I bought them from, Lethal...
  15. 2003 - 2004 SVT Mustang Cobra
    My buddy has a 2001 CObra that has changed over to a 2003 cobra setup, such as the eaton blower, 03 cobra tank and pumps, upgraded fuel line ... and all the other necessarry items to get this going... he recently blew up his motor:no: but the car made 520 rwhp Sae with a ported blower and a 4...
  16. 2003 - 2004 SVT Mustang Cobra
    Whats up Guys, Just trying to see if anyone out there are drag racing their convertible 03/04 CObra's and what times are they getting... i raced my convertible about 2 months back and went 7.29 @ 98 on a 1/8th with a slipping clutch, since then i installed a DFX from center force, i have a 2.3...
1-16 of 16 Results