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  1. Vehicles
    Hey im looking for a low mileage under 40k , 03/04 cobra in or near Ct. Mods don't scare me away but nothing radical please. Im willing to travel for the right car . Must be hardtop , any color will do but sonic blue , torche red or red fire are my choice colors . Title in hand is a plus and...
  2. Vehicles
    Posting up for sale see if i can make quick sale. Looking to get into a 4 door or try and buy a buddys turbo cobra local. Just turned 19,000 miles- has center exhaust, mgw shifter, corbeau seats and rear seat delete. ccw 505a's with bfg tires. Asking $25,500
  3. Vehicles
    I know mod fords is mostly gts/cobras/etc. but I also know that I know and trust the people on this site WAY more than people from other sites (especially that @#^@! that tried to rip me off on craigslist:mad2:) so I figured I would try my luck on here. Cheers:tip: 2004 40th Anniversary...
1-3 of 4 Results