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    2001 Mustang GT This car has 26,000 original miles on it and only has about 15 miles on this new setup. Engine 351W stroker to a 408 Edelbrock Victor Jr. Aluminum heads - $1500 Edelbrock Stud Girdle - $315 Arp Head Studs - $112 660 lift Solid Roller Cam - $300 Eagle Rotating Assembly - $2000...
  2. Modular V8 and V10 Conversions and Swaps
    Any help at all would be appreciated. I have an 01 GT that I swapped in a 408w stroker. I've been tossing back and forth what tranny I wanted to use. I finally went with a 1.82 powerglide w/ a transbrake and JW Bellhousing. I can make my own cross member fro the tranny but was wondering if there...