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  1. Electronics
    AEM 30-1900U Universal EMS with a full custom engine harness that I am considering selling. What is included: 1) Fully programmable Engine Management System with 32-valve naturally aspirated calibration. 2) Complete AEM Universal engine harness with fuse box & relay pack 3) All connectors to...
  2. Electronics
    I have an AEM Series1 EMS for sale. This box is originally for a Mitsubishi EVO, but can be used for virtually any application if you build a custom harness (I have adapted AEM Plug N Play EMS's to other applications like Modular Fords and Honda EMS's to Small Block Fords). The plug & pin kit...
  3. Fuel System Components
    I hate having to redo things but it looks like I'm going return to support the power I want. I thought I would be happy with just 600whp but man was I wrong:rollseyes Fore Dual Pump Fuel Hat w/ 2 Ford GT Supercar fuel pumps $450.00 SOLD! : - will include a second basket to house 2 Walboro fuel...
  4. Fuel System Components
    was installed on a 99 cobra but never used. Allows you to use low impedance injectors with stock computer. 260 shipped 972 824 9870
  5. Power Adders
    AIS Triple Nozzle Trunk Mount Methanol Kit. Most cars benefit from two nozzles, but if you have a heat making setup (such as an overspun blower), adding this can help ALOT. My friend bought this for his Vortech 99 GT, his IAT's went from around 225 degrees, to down into the 70's, with a Vortech...
1-5 of 5 Results