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  1. 1996-2001 Cobra / 2003-2004 Mach 1 Classifieds
    Hey everyone got a set of 4V heads that im needing to get rid of decided to go a different route with my build im going to just leave this up to you to make me an offer i tried posting photos with this post but i guess we will see if it works if you cant see them for whatever reason pm me you...
  2. Wheels / Tires
    Selling my BBS RX 17x9 wheels. They were my race rims and were great! Unfortunately, I upgraded to the Brembo 2000 Cobra R calipers and these rims do not clear them without a .5-.75 inch spacer (no thanks). $850 + shipping OBO Located 33709, St. Petersburg, FL These wheels are no longer made...
  3. Engine Parts
    Dumping Mod Motor going to SBF. I have a 100% Stock FRPP Aluminator 4.6 SC block for sale. Part # M-6010-A46SC This block was part of the FRPP Aluminator 4.6 SC Long Block assembly M-6007-A46SC The gentlemen I bought this from was in the middle of building a car, had already bought the engine...
  4. The Bar
    I've been tinkering with some designs for various machined accessories & I need some feedback! All of the products I'm making are CNC machined billet aluminum. I have pics of several different styles of door pins, a tilt lever and a headlight switch. I'm also planning on making shift knobs...
  5. 1996-2001 Cobra / 2003-2004 Mach 1 Classifieds
    96-99 teskid aluminum block. Strongest aluminum factory Ford block. Block is all original with no machining. Looks to have quite a few miles on it. After some boreing, honeing and clean up it would be like new again. Asking $300
  6. Drivetrain Parts
    FMS Aluminum Driveshaft for 96-04 5 Speed Mustang. Can be used with automatic if you swap yokes. Friend bought this used for his 03 GT, but has since decided to part the car out. Slip yoke has some minor rust, but nothing major. These are $300 plus shipping new, sell for $220 SHIPPED!
  7. Drivetrain Parts
    My friend keeps trying to buy mine, problem is, I dont want to sell mine. Anybody have an FMS Aluminum Driveshaft for a 96-04 GT? PM me if you do
  8. Engine Parts
    NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED Engine is out of a 2002 explorer so the block is aluminum. Approx 36,000 miles on it, has a slight tap that goes away when the engine warms up (possible wrist pin, not interested in tearing it down to find out). Never starved for oil, never any metal in the pan. I...
  9. Engine Parts
    4.6 PI Motor with WAP Aluminum Block, originally out of a Ford Explorer, it's currently in a 98 GT. Has coils from 98 on it, not coil on plug like 99-04, either setup will work on it. It had around 1000 miles on it when installed in the GT, it now currently has around 5000 miles. 75 Pounds...
  10. The Bar
    Hey folks - I've decided to try to resurrect my 2001 Roush project but I need to clear out some junk to make room to work. I've got a several sets of aluminum heads and a couple of iron blocks taking up too much space. Has anyone sold heads and blocks for scrap at a metal recycling yard? Is...
1-10 of 10 Results