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  1. 2011 - 2014 Mustang GT and Boss 302
    Hi Everyone. Hoping for some help with a belt issue. On my car I'm using the TurnKey bracket setup to run the A/C and powersteering. In order to keep the belt off of the upper radiator hose/Intake-to-thermostat-housing-hose we have the belt pulled toward the passenger side. Revving the engine up...
  2. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    It appears that my belt alignment is off. It looks like the Vortech blower pulley is sitting too far in/out towards the motor. What determines how far onto the shaft the pulley sits? Could I use a washer between the pulley bolt and the pulley to space it inward? Suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Power Adders
    BRAND NEW GATES Supercharger Belts. Check your application to be sure of fitment. Definitely fits Magnacharger Mustang kits, Whipple and Ford Racing Kits. Possibly Kenne Bell and Saleen? 6PK3169, K061247 6 Rib 125 1/4" outside. These are not cut down 8 rib, but the real Gates belt, fresh...
1-3 of 3 Results