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  1. Modular V8 and V10 Conversions and Swaps
    So, we've had 10 years, I've seen a few happen, I want to take a nice v6 new edge, and drop a built and stroked out 6.2 (maybe livernois' 6.6 crate, maybe dropping in a 7.3 crank with some custom rods and an overbore to make a 7.0l) Can I control it cost effectively (no motec) with anything...
  2. CJ Pony Parts
    M-9424-M50BR Mustang Ford Racing Intake Manifold Boss 302R GT 2011-2014 | CJ Pony Parts Give your 2011-2014 GT some racing-inspired performance with the Boss 302R intake manifold from Ford Racing! This intake manifold is made from a light-weight composite material, and features high-quality...
  3. 2010 - 2013 F150 SVT Raptor
    What's available to increase the size of my Boss 6.2L? I've seen that Livernois has a stroker kit that makes a ~400 cubic inch, is there anything bigger?
  4. 2011 - 2014 Mustang GT and Boss 302
    We just made 1,029 RWHP and 878 RWTQ on the Dyno with 23lbs of Boost through an F1 ProCharger on Rick Wilson's Yellow Blaze 2012 BOSS 302 Mustang. This was done using ONLY ONE Power Adder and E85 (Pump Gas) making it the Highest Horsepower Coyote/Road Runner in the World. Current Modification...
  5. 2011 - 2014 Mustang GT and Boss 302
    After testing today, we were able to make an amazing 653 rwhp / 730 rwtq at 15lbs of boost on 93 octane pump gas in a 2011 5.0L 4V Mustang GT with a MT-82 6-speed transmission. As a matter of fact, the car is stock with the exception of the Magnaflow Comp Axleback System. We added a Kenne...
  6. 2011 - 2014 Mustang GT and Boss 302
    We took a Stock 2012 BOSS 302 Mustang and did a couple baseline pulls on the dyno and it made 367RWHP and 328RWTQ. On a side note: We have a Mustang 1100-SE Loaded Dyno, which typically reads 5-7% less then a Dyno Jet. The only thing that matters are the gains over the baseline. We then...
  7. Exterior Parts
    I have a brand new in box Boss Shinoda chin spoiler/diffuser. If anyone has dealt with this company they know how hard it is to get a part like this from them. This is custom made and is not something that is stocked. I went through a lot of trouble to get this made!! The motor is being...
  8. Engine Parts
    I have an extra manifold off boss 260 for sale. I was going to use it for another project but I am going a different route. Its the upper and lower with o-ring. Fits 5.4l engines with 99+ cobra or navi heads. Asking 1000 shipped or best offer.
1-8 of 9 Results