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  1. Drivetrain Parts
    86-01 Mustangs Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Pressure Plate and Disc Model DF161057 I bought this for a project that I never got around to finishing. My loss is your gain. $290 shipped to your door Retail is a nearly $700 with the best price I could find on sale being around $380 Heres...
  2. 2003 - 2004 SVT Mustang Cobra
    Centerforce is soon to be producing a twin disc clutch setup, and attached are the first public photos of the unit. After Larry (F8LSNKE) upgraded to a Kenne Bell 2.8H Mammoth blower from the ported blower he was running, he has ran into clutch holding issues. With the power the ported Eaton...
1-3 of 3 Results