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  1. Electronics
    Looking for some new or low mile COP for a 2v 4.6, motorcraft preffered.
  2. Electronics
    Set of 7 2v Coils off of my friend's 00 GT. There would be 8, but he accidentally threw one away when cleaning out the garage. 4 are Motorcraft, 2 are bobo parts store replacements, 1 has a Ford part number, but doesnt have the same sticker as the other Motorcrafts, and that one has a slight...
  3. Engine Parts
    Set of 2v Coils/COPS off of 00 GT, 7 are regular looking, one looks weird on topped, came off of running and driving car though, all are Motorcraft oem Ford, not knock off parts store junk. Buy them as spares! $15 shipped each
  4. Engine Parts
    I have a set of heads, cams, valve covers and coil on plug coils for a 2001 Navi 5.4 DOHC. Looking to get rid of this stuff. All prices are obo shipping and paypal fees. DOHC Heads with cams. The heads have gotten valve job from engine builder Mike Hally at Hi Flow Heads in Chicago, Ill. The...
1-4 of 4 Results