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  1. Big Body Modulars
    Hey guys I need some advice. I just bought a 2009 crown Vic police interceptor and I want a supercharger. Trying to see what my best option is. I’ve been reading but don’t know what to get. I was reading for the style I want to get a mustang one and get the adapter plate. But it’s for a 3v not a...
  2. New Member Introductions
    just picked up my first crown vic.... its a 93 c73 and i have to say i like it. not the most powerful car but the ride and the drive are really smooth. looks to be low miles, mostly original, even has the oe plugwires. will never know as the odometer quit workin at 25,000. shes in great shape...
  3. Tuning and Diagnostics
    I have a 1998 Crown victoria police interceptor (P71) and am having trouble getting the right vss gear, so a local shop sold me the U7146 predator suggesting that I would be able to calibrate it via this tool instead. Unfortunately it doesn't recognize my calid, which is CRAIAI4. Will this...
1-3 of 3 Results