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  1. Tuning and Diagnostics
    Ok, so I installed long tubes. Back in September. And decided not to hook my egr tube to the intake back up. The car ran fine for a day or so. And then on my way to work. It started bucking and wouldnt run. So I cleared my codes and it kept doin it all the way to wrk. Threw code p0320. So I...
  2. UPR
    Just a friendly reminder that UPR Products offers custom tuning for 1994-2012 Mustangs. But why should you choose UPR Products for your tuning needs? -Tuning by 3x Champion Jeremy Martorella, with over 20 YEARS of actual racing/tuning experience -Tunes have been optimized on our in-house...
  3. Electronics
    Hey guys. I contacted my tuner last week and found out he only uses the SCT X3, therefore I am forced to sell/or trade my Diablosport for my Cobra. It will be shipped UNMARRIED and ready to go on your Cobra. Let me know what you have. If not trading I would like 200 shipped to your door...
1-3 of 3 Results