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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello to all!!! I own a 2010 Saleen 435 S and I am looking to continue adding performance upgrades to the vehicle. So far I have added the following: Kooks long tubes and high flow cats Smaller SC pulley, 3.6 in., approx. 7.b lbs. boots JLT CAI Series colder spark plugs Brenspeed Custom Tune...
  2. Modular V8 and V10 Conversions and Swaps
    Inherited a 2003 Grand Marquis with a blown engine and worn rear end. To ask a very general question: what are "reasonable" and relatively inexpensive swap options (meaning the fewest alterations to the chassis and bodywork, and not altering the basic handling of the car)?
  3. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    anyone out there who can help me with getting this thing wired up? I plan to reuse the GT harness. I also have an 03 cobra harness that if possible, not wanting to cut up. I know I can lenghten the alternator wires and cross over the COP wires. My question is what to do with the s/c vac controls...
1-3 of 3 Results