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  1. Power Adders
    Nitrous Express Plate Kit for 96-04 4.6 2 Valve Mustang. It's brand new in the wrapper, comes with the NX Carbon Fiber Solenoids, jetting for 50/100/150, 10lb bottle, etc! Costs $656 plus shipping new, sell for $420 shipped! Save damn near $250 and still get a brand new kit!
  2. Power Adders
    Nitrous Express Solenoids, they are orange from being originally sold in the Trick Flow TFX Kit. $105 shipped Nitrous Express TFX 10LB Bottle, pretty sure the bottle nut is a -4, $120 shipped Main N20 Feed Line, pretty sure it's a -4, $30 shipped Small N20 & Fuel Lines, one of the fuel lines...
  3. Power Adders
    Nos 20LB Nitrous Bottle w/ Hi Flo Valve. Professionally painted Dark Shadow Grey Metallic (color found on Mustangs, and other Ford's). $150. There is a pic of it next to a 10lb bottle for size comparison. $155 SHIPPED!
  4. Power Adders
    Harris Speed Works Wet Nitrous Kit & HSW Revolution Bottle Heater (their top of the line heater, made of nomex, much better than regular heaters). Includes nozzle, two jets (jetted for 150 shot on a TPI Trans Am), solenoids, 10lb bottle, relays, master switch, lines, pressure gauge &...
1-4 of 4 Results