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  1. Fuel System Components
    90mm Lightning Mass Air Flow w/ Filter Adapter, 4 pin connector. Supported 647 rwhp with an Xtender on my 00 GT. One of the best maf's for drivability, and tunability! Works on anything from foxes to 2004 model's! $65 SHIPPED FMS 30LB Injectors SOLD! SCT 4 Bank Eliminator Switch Chip. This...
  2. Drivetrain Parts
    FMS Aluminum Driveshaft for 96-04 5 Speed Mustang. Can be used with automatic if you swap yokes. Friend bought this used for his 03 GT, but has since decided to part the car out. Slip yoke has some minor rust, but nothing major. These are $300 plus shipping new, sell for $220 SHIPPED!
  3. Drivetrain Parts
    My friend keeps trying to buy mine, problem is, I dont want to sell mine. Anybody have an FMS Aluminum Driveshaft for a 96-04 GT? PM me if you do
1-3 of 3 Results