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  1. Trader Discussions
    Good person to do business with. Prompt payment he bought a set of 30002-2 diamond pistons
  2. Engine Parts
    I have 3 sets of pistons for a mod motor. They are: Your choice $600/set with pins (4130) and locks 1 set of 30002-2 2 sets of 30002-4 Bore Size 3.572 Wrist Pin Size 0.866 Piston Material 2618 Forged Compression Height 1.220 Piston Ring Size 1.5 1.5 3.0mm Piston Type Dish -11.5 Rod Length...
  3. 2003 - 2004 Mach 1 Mustang
    So i'm completely ready to drop my wap 4.6 4v from an 04 mach 1 into my 2000... i'm going w/ a vortech v2 T-trim supercharger pushing it around 16psi w/ an fmic... So to do that i'm gonna forge everything and rebuild. i've never rebuilt a mod motor, but my buddies are professional mechanics, i...
  4. Engine Parts
    03/04 Cobra Parts Sold Everything sold
  5. Wheels / Tires
    Selling my BBS RX 17x9 wheels. They were my race rims and were great! Unfortunately, I upgraded to the Brembo 2000 Cobra R calipers and these rims do not clear them without a .5-.75 inch spacer (no thanks). $850 + shipping OBO Located 33709, St. Petersburg, FL These wheels are no longer made...
  6. Engine Parts
    Dumping Mod Motor going to SBF. I have a 100% Stock FRPP Aluminator 4.6 SC block for sale. Part # M-6010-A46SC This block was part of the FRPP Aluminator 4.6 SC Long Block assembly M-6007-A46SC The gentlemen I bought this from was in the middle of building a car, had already bought the engine...
  7. Article Discussion
    Read Full Article On-Line **Article Features forged aluminum pistons from Probe Industries.**High-Performance Small Block Engine Displacement - Is Bigger Really Better? We Test The Same Parts On A 355 And A 383 To Find Out What The Extra Cubes Are Worth. From...
  8. Engine Parts
    Modular Power House 8.5:1 Compression 302 Stroker (stroked 4.6). Romeo Block .020 Over Ross Pistons Eagle H Beam Rods w/ ARP Cap Screws Forged Crankshaft ARP Main Studs MMR Oil Pump Motor was built in 05, only has around 14k miles on it or so. It was broken in n/a for about 2k miles before the...
  9. 1996 - 1998 SVT Mustang Cobra
    I have a 96 Cobra that has about 80k on her. I have done a lot of mods including T56, full exhaust w/ long tubes, timing adj. mass air flow and 255 LPH in tank fuel pump (I have been told this pump may still not be big enough for my SC application?). The car is just my toy and I bought a Vortech...
  10. Vehicles
    1996 Ford Mustang GT Convertible. 58,471 miles on car 8,000 miles on motor Tan leather interior 4 point roll bar Sean Hyland Motorsports longblock - 600 HP capable- New 2007 Romeo Iron Block - Forged Steel Cobra Crankshaft - Manley H Beam Connecting Rods - Manley Forged Pistons (2618 high...
  11. Engine Parts
    Brand new set of Manley H-Beam forged rods. These have the optional ARP 2000 rod bolts. These are for a 4.6. Part number 14042-8R $475 shipped!
  12. Engine Parts
    Brand new set of JE forged pistons for a 3V Mustang. Standard bore, 15cc dish. Complete set includes matching ring set. REDUCED TO $450 shipped!
1-12 of 12 Results