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  1. 1996 - 1998 SVT Mustang Cobra
    So I'm debating building a basic all motor 4v and I was wonder how people like Adam cox gets his stock longblock to rev to 8000 rpm and make power. I have read through a lot of threads on Nmra engines and all motor setups, but it seems like these setups are so secret. I am wondering does...
  2. Upcoming Events and Dyno Days
    It's that time of year again! Injected Engineering will be hosting our annual Customer Appreciation, Car Show and Dyno Day on Saturday March 9th 2013. This is a huge event with prizes, raffles & complementary food and drinks. Last year we had over 500 people attend! We appreciate your...
  3. Miscellaneous Stuff for Sale
    Orig purchased in 2002 Asking 14K or Make an offer Please contact [email protected] 678-449-6871 Stock info from dynojet Dynojet 248 dyno in-ground unit. 1800hp/1800tq. 240mph Comes with pit covers, software...
  4. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    Here is a great article that I wanted to share. Emissions Legal 347 Short-Block We've compiled some more must read articles. View more here.
1-5 of 5 Results