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  1. 2003-2004 SVT Cobra "Terminator" Classifieds
    1: 03/04 accufab throttle body, without the plenum, for sale. the TB does have a few scratches around the lip from contacting the C&L inlet I had on the car before purchasing a JLT intake (since sold as well) Operation or performance is not affected in any way by the blemishes on the lip. The...
  2. Fuel System Components
    looking for a set of 8 50lbs or 60lbs injectors.
  3. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    Ill be running edelbrock intake 6061 elbow stage 3 heads aftermarket cam(Hitech stage 2 na cam or bullet raceing custom cam). Will 42lb injectors be to big. What size does everyone recommend. Also plan on running lightning mass air what is all needed. My intake is 3in and lightning mass air is...
  4. Vehicles
    1997 Mustang GT Convertible with '02 4.6L motorswap, roughly 6000 miles on this build. The odometer reads just over 47k. I got this car as it is and I am going to try to list everything that I know has done, plus what I was told by the previous owner had been done. I want to say first and...
  5. Fuel System Components
    36lb Motorsport Injectors (DK Blue) for sale. These came out of a buddies S-trim car when he switched to 42's They are in good condition and were working great when removed! Price: $160 Shipped if using paypal $160 obo for local pickup & cash in hand please email or call if you have...
  6. E85, Ethanol, Methanol and other Alcohol...
    hey how you guys doing i have a 4 cylinder turbo and i wanted to run e85 i know about the 5.0 with brown tops .what other cars from the junkyard i could get them from .i was thinking the econoline 250 5.4 i heard those are 1600 also i picked up some denso injectors from a old mercury /crown...
  7. Turbo Modular
    me again. I'm stuck at 700hp and am looking for the following to reach 1KHP. MAF, Duel fuel pump, injectors aand of course anything else that is needed to reach the 1K mark. I have built the rest of the motor to handle it but I am having trouble knowing where to look for these items. The local...
  8. 2003-2004 SVT Cobra "Terminator" Classifieds
    >>> CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES <<< ~~~ CLICK HERE FOR SPECIALTY PARTS ~~~ Updated: September 11, 2010 Awaiting Availability ➫ 3rd Brake light 03/04 Cobra - Brand New - Stock ( x 2 ) $190 ➫ 03 Cobra Terminator Hood (Torch Red) - Stock ( x 1 ) $425 ➫ 10th anniversary Seats - Front...
  9. Fuel System Components
    90mm Lightning Mass Air Flow w/ Filter Adapter, 4 pin connector. Supported 647 rwhp with an Xtender on my 00 GT. One of the best maf's for drivability, and tunability! Works on anything from foxes to 2004 model's! $65 SHIPPED FMS 30LB Injectors SOLD! SCT 4 Bank Eliminator Switch Chip. This...
  10. Fuel System Components
    i have a set of (8) 39 lbs injectors i just took off my car and have receipts to show. i went bigger. all in great working condition $100 shipped. also have stock lower and a cai i will sell for $60 plus shipping. can send pics if needed
  11. Fuel System Components
    39lbs injectors off 03 cobra perfect working and in good shape $110 shipped anywhere in us will accept money order or cashiers check
  12. Fuel System Components
    03-04 Cobra injectors 39lbs to 42lbs. Only 2600 miles, picked up a set of ultra low mile GT500 47lbs-52lbs so I no longer need. $130 obo. Thanks Lee PM me for contact info.
  13. Fuel System Components
    Got 5 hour on them , there bran new . $360
  14. 2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Mustang
    Fore Precision Works has just released the GT500 Rail Spacers to accommodate all OEM length injectors, along with the 80lbs to 160 lbs injectors. This spacer has the ability to fit your 160 lbs injectors while maintaining the sleek Fore Precision design. Contoured to fit the GT500 Fore...
  15. Engine Parts
    Stock 39# injectors: $110 shipped Stock lower crank pulley + bracket: $125 shipped Stock MAF: SOLD! Stock upper pulley: $30 shipped Steeda CAI(2k miles): $115 shipped I take paypal Located in Lyndhurst, NJ. You may pick up parts to save on shipping.
1-16 of 16 Results