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  1. Engine Parts
    hey guys im brand new here, not sure exactly how this site works yet. ive got a 2001 Bullitt with 35k miles. all parts im going to list have 35k miles or less. complete intake upper/lower with twin 57mm throttle body (35k miles) Vortech V3-SI (not even 10 miles) blew my motor, 10PSI on stock...
  2. Engine Parts
    New in box. I got one for my birthday, but I already have one! This will require a tune due to the increased air flow. $325 including shipping (lower 48 states only).
  3. Engine Parts
    Recently upgraded the intake manifold on the 5.4l swap and need to sell this one. Its FRPP from 50resto. It has been on the car for about 2 years with about 9k miles on it. Its in very good condition. This is one with the aluminum crossover. Looking for 150 shipped. Located in San Angelo, Texas
  4. 1996 - 1998 SVT Mustang Cobra
    will 03 cobra rails fit a 96-98 injector spacing wise. Im trying to make my own lower intake for my mark 8 bild .
  5. Engine Parts
    Edelbrock Victor Jr 2v EFI Intake Manifold, it only has a couple hours run time on it, if that, and basically no miles, it's unported, unmolested, and in great shape other than a few greasy hand prints lol. I took this on trade from a buddy of mine, and I dont have any use for it. $230 SHIPPED...
  6. Engine Parts
    The following parts are available for immediate shipping. Cobra "B" Heads - CNC ported, 5 angle valve job, Comp Cams Springs good for 9,000 RPM I would prefer to sell the heads with the cams. The cams are the so called "hot" 98 cams. There are hign retainers and locks. Also included are the ARP...
  7. 2011 - 2014 Mustang GT and Boss 302
    At AmericanMuscle, we're Mustang people. We support do-it-yourselfers by offering tech articles, installation guides, and now product information and real-world results for the 2011 Mustang. Once our Bama Custom Tuning team got their hands on our 2011 5.0 GT, they couldn't wait to get started...
  8. Engine Parts
    03 04 Cobra lower intake, has been ported and smoothed out - 450 shipped 03 04 Cobra intercooler with the bolt up lines, never used, guy i bought it from said it had been tested. 325 shipped
  9. Engine Parts
    Accufab 75mm Plenum SOLD! Dorman 4.6 PI Intake Manifold SOLD! Set of 7 2v Coils off of my friend's 00 GT. There would be 8, but he accidentally threw one away when cleaning out the garage. 4 are Motorcraft, 2 are bobo parts store replacements, 1 has a Ford part number, but doesnt have the same...
  10. Engine Parts
    Edelbrock Victor Jr EFI 4.6 Intake Manifold, Sheet Metal Upper w/ 90mm Opening, Fuel Rail Kit & Crossover setup from Modular Head Shop (adapts to stock fuel rails), and a set of FMS 30LB Injectors. Also have Race Parts Solutions Silicone Elbow, T Bolt Clamps, Silicone Maf...
  11. Engine Parts
    Parts from 03-04 Cobra I'm looking for.... lower intake manifold intercooler alternator alternator upper and lower bracket Bridge support, and any of the pulleys or tensioner that mounts on it crankshaft pulley extension bracket Thank you:thumb:
  12. Electronics
    2005-2006 mustang GT C&L intake with predator tuner with brand new filter. around $650 when i got it brand new. looking for $450 but make an offer and we will see what we can do. MUST GO.
  13. Engine Parts
    2005-2006 mustang GT C&L intake with predator tuner with brand new filter. around $650 when i got it brand new. looking for $450 but make an offer and we will see what we can do. MUST GO.
  14. Engine Parts
    2005+ stock intake. make offer. buyer pays shipping.
  15. Engine Parts
    2005-08 Steeda charge motion delete plates. I have had them about 7 months work great. Went with a whipple charger. $75+shipping. I am located in Tucson Az if you want to figure out the shipping.
  16. Miscellaneous Stuff for Sale
    I have the running horse plenum cover that came on my 2008 Mustang GT for sale(with hardware) Went with a Whipple. It has been on the car since new (7 months) $40.00+shipping, I am in Tucson AZ. if you want to figure out the shipping.
  17. Engine Parts
    I have an extra manifold off boss 260 for sale. I was going to use it for another project but I am going a different route. Its the upper and lower with o-ring. Fits 5.4l engines with 99+ cobra or navi heads. Asking 1000 shipped or best offer.
  18. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    My friend just had an HPS Hard Baller Intake offered to him for a pretty good deal for his 02 GT. Car has MMR 900 Shortblock, Vortech S Trim w/ 3.33 Pulley (makes 14.5 PSI at 7k rpms), Patriots Stage II Heads, Crower Stage II Cams, Accufab Plenum & TB, Stock PI Intake, Longtubes, Offroad X Pipe...
  19. The Bar
    just bought a 99 continental but it has a slight problem. when you drive highway speeds ike 60-85+ battery light comes on. drives fine city until it really warms up and happens mostly over 2k rpms to about 3.5-4k then sometimes goes out above those rpms. at an idle light is out and charging...
21-39 of 39 Results