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  1. Electronics
    Used KB BAS in perfect working condition. 170 shipped boost-a-spark boost a spark BAS kenne bell KB BAS
  2. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    Okay, I need help with this: Kenne bell BAP (dunno why everybody hates on baps so much, they seem to last and work well!) or some sorta external/replacement fuel pump...I can't go that expensive, the BAP is only 20 bucks for me (the 20 series) VS. 100s+ for other fueling. My main concern is...
  3. Fuel System Components
    Kenne Bell 20 AMP Boost A Pump for single fuel pump setups. It's only 8 months old, and was not used in a daily driver. The dial and hobbs switch are deleted, as it wired to run full blast in the car it came out of, which is how everybody is doing them these days (my 00 GT was like this, and...
  4. Power Adders
    Kenne Bell 6 Rib Steel Pulleys for 12mm small drive hubs. One is a 2.5", one is a 2.62" (measured with digital dial calipers). Fits the 1.7/2.2's with the 12mm drive according to Kenne Bell, also fits the 2.1/2.6/2.8 2v and 3v setups. Not sure what all else they fit. $35 shipped each
  5. Power Adders
    Kenne Bell 6 Rib Steel Pulleys, dont have dial calipers, and there are no markings, so I took pics with tape measure for reference. One is CLOSE to 2.5" and one is CLOSE to 2 3/8". My buddy that had the car before me had a KB 1.7 on the 03 GT before, and thats what these pulleys went to. Not...
  6. Fuel System Components
  7. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    Took the ole GT to the dyno the other day to see what it's making these days, possibly get it retuned, etc....and I guess it thought it would be cool to eat the MMR RBT700 Clutch. :mad2: Plus my belt is super loose now, it's brand new, even has a bigger idler pulley near the blower, figured it...
1-8 of 8 Results