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  1. Engine Parts
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a 2004 mach 1 K&N Cold air intake and a complete 04 Shaker set up i'm looking to get rid of. I'm supercharging and intercooling so I no longer need the K&N, and my after market heat extractor hood won't clear the shaker system. I'm asking $300 for the Shaker set up...
  2. Tuning and Diagnostics
    I already have a SCT SF3, will I need a custom tune after I install a K&N CAI or will the tune that the device came with work fine after I activate that option? 2008 GT Vapor Silver w/ Black Racing Stripes - Roush front bumper, Pypes 80 Exhaust, SCT SF3 Tuner, Eleanor hood, 20 inch Foose Rims...
  3. Fuel System Components
    90mm Lightning Mass Air, 90mm Filter Adapter, K&N Style Filter w/ Open End, all brand new! Friend got all of this as a setup for his 95 GT, but has since parted the car out. $110 SHIPPED for everything! 4 Pin to 6 Pin Maf Connector Adapter, lets you run a Lightning or SCT Maf on a Fox of 5.0...
1-3 of 3 Results