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  1. Fuel System Components
    These adapters are for 14mm o-ring size (domestic) injectors and add 1" to the overall length, so they convert a short injector (2" OAL) to a long injector (3" OAL). 8 black anodized extensions, 8 clips, and 16 o-rings, new, $75 shipped. [/URL][/IMG]
  2. Suspension, Handling and Tires Tech
    I'm doing a 5 lug all disc swap on my 1991 fox. I'm using 99-04 spindles/rotors/PBR calipers up front and was wanting to run an IRS off a 03/04 cobra, but haven't had much luck finding a complete one in my area so far. I recently ran across a SN95 rear brake setup for a fairly good price...
1-2 of 2 Results