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  1. 2003 - 2004 SVT Mustang Cobra
    I'm asking for dimensions from 6 rib belt to 8 rib. I'm modeling one piece pulley to be bolted on stock damper, and I need measures how long it must be. I know there is ready versions, but my belt drive will be custom, and I have suitable piece of aluminium for this. I'm still missing few...
  2. Power Adders
    I have a 3.25 pulley unused bought it for my whipple 3.4 but now the car is gone. 3.25 whipple cobra pulley Paypal verified and accept all forms of payment. 80 OBO for the 3.25 pulley.
  3. Power Adders
    It's in perfect condition. Selling because I switched to 8-rib. $75 + shipping. I also have a second one with a 3.05" diameter
  4. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    It appears that my belt alignment is off. It looks like the Vortech blower pulley is sitting too far in/out towards the motor. What determines how far onto the shaft the pulley sits? Could I use a washer between the pulley bolt and the pulley to space it inward? Suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Power Adders
    6 Rib 3.4" pulley for Saleen series VI Supercharger about 5K miles on pulley 50.00 plus free shipping larger pics upon request All reasonable offers considered. No longer have my mustang.
  6. Power Adders
    im needing a zex wet lit for an 03-04 cobra,and a 4#lower crank setup.feel free to shoot me some prices thanks michael wouldnt mind some irs componets either like girdle brace and bushings also. thanks michael
  7. Power Adders
    As titel says never used pulley for vortech 2.87! 40 shipped
  8. Modular V8 and V10 Conversions and Swaps
    Looking for help locating one of these. I know they make them, because I've seen someone on a truck forum selling them...but for a crazy price. Im looking for a small 8 rib alt pulley, like the on that came stock on my car (2000 GT) that is around 2.09. Please help me find one... __________________
  9. Electronics
    This is a Diablosport chip I pulled out of my 03' Cobra. I didn't know my Cobra had a chip until I used my SCT Xcal and had to pull the kick panel because I couldn't flash the computer. The pulley is an unknown make and size, but came off of the stock Eaton. The car when I purchased it had the...
  10. 2003 - 2004 SVT Mustang Cobra
    Would anyone be able to tell me what pulley this is? I have been searching and I have no idea what brand it is. It looked pretty small in person, any input would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Power Adders
    Kenne Bell 6 Rib Steel Pulleys for 12mm small drive hubs. One is a 2.5", one is a 2.62" (measured with digital dial calipers). Fits the 1.7/2.2's with the 12mm drive according to Kenne Bell, also fits the 2.1/2.6/2.8 2v and 3v setups. Not sure what all else they fit. $35 shipped each
  12. Power Adders
    Kenne Bell 6 Rib Steel Pulleys, dont have dial calipers, and there are no markings, so I took pics with tape measure for reference. One is CLOSE to 2.5" and one is CLOSE to 2 3/8". My buddy that had the car before me had a KB 1.7 on the 03 GT before, and thats what these pulleys went to. Not...
  13. Power Adders
    2.9" RR compressor pulley. Brand new. 6-rib. $125.00 shipped. 3.3"RR used for a few months. 6-rib. $85.00 shipped. Will fit Vortech compressors, and some Paxton units. (Not Novi 2000)
  14. 2007+ Shelby GT500 Classifieds
    I have a very lightly used JLT carbon fiber intake (has a small rub mark where the strut bar goes over the top of it, can be seen in the pics) 2.6 quick change pulley, ilder and SCT Xcal 3 with the 93 oct tune loaded. These parts were installed on a 2007 GT500 when it had 4200 miles. The parts...
  15. Power Adders
    i have a P1SC 3.70 pulley and a 3.40 pulley for sale. 85$ shipped for each.
  16. Electronics
    This was used on my gt500 for a little over a month. I swapped the tunes back when I traded the car in. It's ready for its new home. Justin @ VMP tuned my car on 5-5-08 to 547RWHP 548RHTQ (2.6 upper,c&L intake,JBA offroad Xpipe) $300 shipped OBO Matt 2813309066
1-16 of 16 Results