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  1. Fuel System Components
    I have a new in box Magnafuel ProTuner 750 MP-4303 pump for sale. The box has been opened for pictures only. This is the big daddy of streetable fuel pumps. See Magnafuels site for this pump here . I will sell this pump shipped to the lower...
  2. Fuel System Components
    I have a Stock Fuel Pump here for sale. I replaced mine fuel system with the GT500 duel fuel setup so no longer have a need for it. the pump is in great shape still and am asking $150.00 obo if you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact me.
  3. Fuel System Components
    I have 2 walboro GSL392 255lph fuel pumps that i bought with my glens performance fuel system. I ended up going bigger on my setup than originally intended and never used these. They retail for 140 each from glenn's. I'll take 200 shipped for both of them.. 115.00 each. link below for glenns...
  4. 2005 - 2010 Mustang GT
    I hope this isn't a re-post. I did a search first. I have an 08 Bullitt with a 2.6 Kenne Bell 11psi. The intercooler keeps getting air bound and I end up having to fiddle with the hoses to get it running over and over again. I have all the hoses routed so that the pump should not be able to get...
  5. 2003-2004 SVT Cobra "Terminator" Classifieds
    -chiseled performance intercooler tank (14x14x5) sized to fit spare tire wheel well in 03 cobra. never installed (new). $150 shipped US Only -meziere pump wp136s (plus fittings).never installed NIB $150 Shipped US Only -Digital Air Temp gauge used for monitoring intercooler temps. Unused new...
  6. Fuel System Components
    99-04 Fuel Hat/Assembly out of 04 Mach 1 with a Ford GT Supercar Pump, PPRV Delete, and Drilled Basket to keep it from sucking dry. Pump is only 8 months old, and wasnt used in a daily driver, so it doesnt have alot of miles on it. This setup supported right around 400 rwhp in an Eaton...
  7. Fuel System Components
    Kenne Bell 20 AMP Boost A Pump for single fuel pump setups. It's only 8 months old, and was not used in a daily driver. The dial and hobbs switch are deleted, as it wired to run full blast in the car it came out of, which is how everybody is doing them these days (my 00 GT was like this, and...
  8. Engine Parts
    Meziere Electric Water Pump w/ Idler for Modular Ford, and wiring installation harness. Great for a supercharged car, if you toss a belt, keep driving until the battery dies, without fear of overheating! Pick up some power too! Used. $300 SHIPPED! Engine Harness from 00 GT five speed, this is...
  9. Fuel System Components
  10. Fuel System Components
    i have a set of (8) 39 lbs injectors i just took off my car and have receipts to show. i went bigger. all in great working condition $100 shipped. also have stock lower and a cai i will sell for $60 plus shipping. can send pics if needed
  11. Fuel System Components
    i need a fuel pump for a 96 cobra. mine is dying on me and drivin me nuts.
  12. Fuel System Components
    01-04 Lightning 90mm MAF SOLD! SVT Focus Pump, great for blower/nitrous 400 rwhp or less 99-04 GT's or run two in your 03 Cobra to meet your fuel needs, has less than 30 miles on it, basically brand new! These flow 255LPH and are designed for returnless systems, only removed because the car...
1-12 of 12 Results