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  1. Engine Parts
    Brand new just received decided to go different route. Paid $900 looking for $850 shipped? call or text me 914-804-7375
  2. CJ Pony Parts
    Steeda 555-8208 Mustang Lowering Springs Sport Set V6/GT 2015 Today we are installing a set of Steeda's Sport Lowering Springs on Bill's 2015 Mustang GT. One major issue facing the new S550 is getting the correct stance. I good set of lowering springs will not only improve the look but also the...
  3. CJ Pony Parts
    Eibach 35145.140 Mustang Spring Pro-Kit 2015 | CJ Pony Parts Today we are installing a set of Eibach Pro-Kit springs on a 2015 Mustang GT. The new S550 platform looks pretty good right off the showroom floor, however there is still that annoying wheel gap. with the help of Eibach's Pro-Kit...
  4. CJ Pony Parts
    Lower your 2015 Mustang by more than an inch, giving it a perfect stance, with the latest 2015 Mustang parts to arrive at CJ's: Eibach Pro Kit springs! And, since they're IN STOCK at CJ's, they'll be in your hands in no time! Order today. Eibach Mustang Spring Pro-Kit 2015 | CJ Pony Parts
  5. CJ Pony Parts
    4.12535 Mustang Eibach Coil Spring Sportline Set V6/GT 2011-2014/Boss 2012-2013 | CJ Pony Parts Eibach's Sportline Coil Spring Set is for 2011-2014 V6 and GT Mustangs and 2012-2013 Boss 302 Mustangs. It's the extreme-performance spring set created for those who crave a race-car attitude for...
  6. 1987 -1993 Mustang
    Ive replaced every suspension component on my 1986 5.0 GT except for the Springs. I have'nt really upgraded the components, just replaced with the OEM stuff. Anyways, I'm taking the Stock Springs off my 1996 Cobra, and was wondering if it was a good idea/ worth it to swap them into my Fox. Would...
  7. Suspension, Handling and Tires Tech
    hey all, I was wondering if anyone has an sn95 with H&R super sport front springs and Steeda X2 balljoints? I have a 98 GT, and am about to install new 03/04 control arms with Steeda x2 balljoints, energy suspension bushings, H&R SS springs, with tokico 5 way adjustables up front. I'm...
  8. Engine Parts
    New (still in the box) COMP Cams® beehive style valve springs, part # 26123-32, for 4v modular engine. I bought this for my '96 Mystic/Navi 5.4 project but I am now installing a GT500 engine so I'm changing directions and selling off these springs, my pistons, rods, harmonic damper, and Navi...
  9. Suspension Parts
    Hey guys, returning a buddy's car to stock, and he chucked his stockers. Anyone have a set lying around? Thanks, Kyle
  10. Vendor Deals
    Rid your Mustang of unwanted body roll. Drastically increase your ability to corner and brake with this full suspension system from Roush. Make a big improvement to the handling of your 2005-2010 Mustang with the ROUSH® Complete Ford Mustang Suspension Kit. This suspension package has been...
  11. Engine Parts
    2003 SVT Cobra Mustang Parts: - METCO Lower Pulley Kit (Brand New). - $150.00 Does not include hub or pulley ring. Hub is $79 from LFP, ring is $20-40 used all over the forums - KenneBrown Strut Tower Brace, Clears the Eaton blower - $120.00 - Power Steering Rack & Pinion - $165.00 -...
  12. 2005 - 2010 Mustang GT
    I've done a few searches and can find tons of information on camshafts but have had trouble finding many reviews on valve springs. I will be running stock heads and cams with 18 lbs with a powerhouse turbo kit on a livernois 298. What springs/manufacturers has everyone had good luck with? were...
  13. Suspension Parts
    I have the set of 4 H&R Race springs for a solid rear axle. I would like to trade them straight up for the set of 4 H&R Sport springs for a Solid rear axle. Let me know if anyone is intersted! Thanks Chris
1-13 of 13 Results