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  1. The Bar
    Some of you may have seen our live feed from the King of the Street dyno competition at Holley HQ in Bowling Green, KY. A lot of people have been asking for us to get some better clips together for an overall dyno contest video. We have some awesome footage up, including Tony's compound boost...
  2. Vehicles
    2001 Mustang GT This car has 26,000 original miles on it and only has about 15 miles on this new setup. Engine 351W stroker to a 408 Edelbrock Victor Jr. Aluminum heads - $1500 Edelbrock Stud Girdle - $315 Arp Head Studs - $112 660 lift Solid Roller Cam - $300 Eagle Rotating Assembly - $2000...
  3. Pictures and Videos
    Higher Quality Youtube Link Supercharged Viper SRT10 vs ZX636, Stage3 SRT4 vs Hoping the Viper can get a run in with my buddy in his 331, T66 93 LX soon. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Pictures and Videos
    Here are all of my videos, I would have been posting them along time ago but I didnt even know there was a video section on here because this section is labled as Mustang pictures and I mostly troll the tech sections. Vortech, Procharged, Kenne Bell, Nitrous, Bolton 2v cars in these, Procharged...
1-4 of 4 Results