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  1. Engine Parts
    hey guys low mileage take out right at 14k on these cams, great upgrade over factory cams, if anyone is interested ill take 325 shipped, pm me thx.
  2. Fuel System Components
    99-04 Fuel Hat/Assembly out of 04 Mach 1 with a Ford GT Supercar Pump, PPRV Delete, and Drilled Basket to keep it from sucking dry. Pump is only 8 months old, and wasnt used in a daily driver, so it doesnt have alot of miles on it. This setup supported right around 400 rwhp in an Eaton...
  3. 2007+ Shelby GT500 Classifieds
    Brand new Ford GT Supercar Heads. Bare. These heads are the same heads on the 2007+ GT500's. GT heads feature a reduced size lash adjuster allowing for a raised intake port, creating a more direct intake path These heads are the final revision of the 2000 Cobra R heads The most durable...
1-3 of 3 Results