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  1. Vehicles
    Today im selling my build 2001 mustang gt automatic in excellent condition with nothing wrong at all run great with no leaks or smoke nothing. the mods that's done to the car is fully build MMR 900 longblock with forged mmr pistons, forged crankshaft, forged connecting rods, MMR racing oil pump...
  2. Vehicles
    Hey im looking for a low mileage under 40k , 03/04 cobra in or near Ct. Mods don't scare me away but nothing radical please. Im willing to travel for the right car . Must be hardtop , any color will do but sonic blue , torche red or red fire are my choice colors . Title in hand is a plus and...
  3. New Member Introductions
    So I'm putting in a 98 svt moter in my 97 Linc mark 8 I've ran into a snag the svt has a 8 bolt crankshaft the mark is 6 bolt so the flex plate wont work I've done some lookin and the 4r70 is in a couple different cars and trucks like the 2001 ford f150 so I got one and the torqe converter...
  4. Vehicles
    i have a 2003 cobra it is black.has chrome factory wheels,almost new tires up front and a month old nitto dr 315 out back has sct programmer,k&n air filter straight shot air filter,2.76 upper pulley on blower aux idler pulley,has been tuned at mephis tn at dyno speed made 467hp/480tq very...
  5. 1996 - 1998 SVT Mustang Cobra
    Hey Everyone, I've got a problem..... Driving back from Competition Speed, I began hearing a sound out of my drivers side rear. Sounded like someone sharpening a knife, and it never went away. After approx. 20miles, I got home and took the tire off, to find out that one of my caliper pins had...
  6. Vehicles
    DON'T LET FRIENDS WHO DRIVE IMPORTS DRIVE YOUR COBRA..!! A shift into 3rd and then.. "DEATH WOBBLE".. sad day indeed. All major componets are still running great.. i originally wanted to gut it and drop everything into an early model FORD pick up (BAD ASS) but lack of time and money prevent...
  7. The Bar
    Just finished this. Have a look guys! Who knows, maybe your car made it to the big screen!
  8. New Member Introductions
    Well i just joined the site and i like it already. I heard alot great stuff about the fourms as well. I live in Upland CA, its the next city from the airport LAX. I am a full time chaffey student, im 18 and i love anything ford:salut: Well i hope to get familiar with you guys.
  9. Pictures and Videos
    Here is my first video and it is of my cobra and my brothers subaru. I made it pretty quick but i thought it turned out pretty nice. Tell me what you guys think.:salut: YouTube- ‪Sick Cobra and Subaru Video‬‎
  10. Vehicles
    2004 Built Turbo Oxford White Cobra 10,8xx miles Well-mannered on the street or add some racing gas and run easy 9-sec passes. I purchased this car to enter in the KOTS but circumstances prevented us from getting the car finished for a sure win so I am thinking of selling it. Here are the...
  11. Vehicles
    check it out on ebay here is the link thx.
  12. 2003 - 2004 SVT Mustang Cobra
    Hows it going, I just picked up an 03 Sonic Blue Cobra and have $4,000 to spend on aftermarket parts, what should I spend it on??? I want to hear some good ideas and what members would do or what thay have done with $4,000 Thanks alot :tip:
  13. Vehicles
    I am gauging interest on the sale of my vehicle. It is sad to let her go, but I am going back to school and resetting my priorities so it has to happen. This is a fully built car by Strictly Performance! Every part is a name brand, proven part and I have receipts for EVERYTHING. Each part...
1-13 of 14 Results