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  1. Drivetrain Parts
    This is from my 2003 Mustang Cobra. Tremec T-56 6 speed transmission input shaft with bearing. This is still in great shape with 50,000 miles on it. $40 shipped.
  2. Drivetrain Parts
    Spec Twin Disc P-trim clutch upgraded for 26 spline input. Clutch has less than 10K. Not daily driven. $1000 obo plus paypal fees and buyer pays shipping.
  3. Drivetrain Parts
    Currently the T-56 is being gone through at Liberty Gears and will be fully inspected. The T-56 was built by Liberty with a 26 spline input and 31 upgraded spline output. 1st through 4th gears have been cyro treated and shot peened. All new seals and shift forks. $2000 obo plus paypal fees and...
  4. 1999 - 2001 SVT Mustang Cobra
    I have put a '99 Cobra 32V engine into my '96 Mustang GT. Now I got a Tremec T56 6-speed transmission that I want to swap in, replacing the stock T45. The Tremec T56 (out of a 2003 Cobra) that I bought has an electrical connector on the left side of the shifter tower. I was wondering if that is...
  5. Drivetrain Parts
  6. Drivetrain Parts
    Selling my stock t-56 shifter with cobrabob's shifter handle gaskets. $40 shipped.
1-6 of 6 Results