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  1. Engine Parts
    selling my engine due to the car getting parted out. Had a mishap with hood pins and can't justify fixing the body, hood, mirrors and glass damage it caused since I just bought a new mach1. Anyways here are the specs. Teksid block bored .020 over JE flat top pistons with valve notches 11.7 to 1...
  2. Engine Parts
    I have a 4.6L that came out of a 97 cobra. It is a teksid block. The car had 65K on it when motor was pulled. The plan was to rebuild motor for turbos. We ended up going to a push rod motor. Motor is still std. bore. Everything is there except for the rods, pistons, and fuel rail. I started...
  3. Engine Parts
    Dumping Mod Motor going to SBF. I have a 100% Stock FRPP Aluminator 4.6 SC block for sale. Part # M-6010-A46SC This block was part of the FRPP Aluminator 4.6 SC Long Block assembly M-6007-A46SC The gentlemen I bought this from was in the middle of building a car, had already bought the engine...
  4. Engine Parts
    sponsors/members whoever - looking for best price on a set of arp main studs for my teksid 2v. looks like part number 156-5802 thanks! justin
  5. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    i have a teksid shortblock and i need more specific info on how to do the swap. i know about the 9/16 coolant passage that needs to be drilled but i don't know how deep to drill. i know about the screws instead of pins for the timing chain guides and the t bird timing cover. are there any more...
  6. Engine Parts
    This is a used Stock 98 Cobra shortblock that spun a rod bearing. Comes complete with the aluminum Teksid block, Forged Cobra crank, stock rods, pistons, and windage tray. No oil pan. Will consider separating at $300 for the block itself, and $300 for the cobra crank. REDUCED TO $475! I will...
1-6 of 6 Results