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  1. Fuel System Components
    Mammoth 79mm x168mm 2150-2350 cfm ... fits: Shelby gt500 mustang,03-04 cobra, hemi, 2011 and up 5.0 mustang. Is Mono blade. Used with kenne bell Mammoth kits. Brand new never used $500 shipped not a scammer either we will do whatever so u feel comfortable about the sale I know how...
  2. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    My 4.6 is back together and i have an edelbrock intake manifold on the way plan on running a 6061 elbow and and 75mm throttle body, but what fuel rails should i go with. Do i have to run the edelbrock fuel rails or are there others that work. I have heard that you need to adapt the fuel lines on...
  3. Engine Parts
    contact me thru here ---> mustang supercharger and parts 700miles on it $200 plus shipping
  4. Power Adders
    I expect to be increasing the size of everything on the intake side of my Whipple. This also means a bigger throttle body thus the reason for this one going in the classifieds. I am asking $500 obo.
  5. Engine Parts
    hey guys to much stuff cluttering up the garage would like to get rid of some of it, ill post a list just make and offer on what you need thx. 96-01 alternator 96-98 timing cover 96 mark viii b heads/ w cams 03 cobra cams low mileage 35k 01 cobra cams low mileage 10k 1 set of primary gears mach...
  6. Engine Parts
    Selling a 75mm BBK Throttle body and C&L plenum for sale from my 99 GT are in excellent condition. will sell Both for $220 without shipping. located in CA thanks for looking
  7. Engine Parts
    FOR SALE!!! Parts For 4.6 SOHC engine (99-04) BBK Long Tube Headers (ceramic coated) Typhoon Intake Manifold (Polished Aluminum) Accufab Upper Intake Plenum w/ 70mm Throttle Body (Polished Aluminum) $1200 For all... No shipping charge Currently in North Alabama Contact me on here or email at...
  8. Power Adders
    Used for about 1 year. $350 Shipped OBO By the way, Jon Lund has the drive by wire down so good on these now that it feels like a stock TB. I switched from a Whipple 3.4 to a KB Stage 3. Send a PM if interested.
  9. The Bar
    i have a intake and exhaust on my 04 gt would it run fine if i used a 75 mm throttle body and pleum on it?
1-10 of 11 Results