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throttle body

  1. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    My 4.6 is back together and i have an edelbrock intake manifold on the way plan on running a 6061 elbow and and 75mm throttle body, but what fuel rails should i go with. Do i have to run the edelbrock fuel rails or are there others that work. I have heard that you need to adapt the fuel lines on...
  2. Steeda
    Just wanted to let you guys know that Steeda is now carrying the Ford Racing throttle body for 5.0s. Let me know if I can help you with anything! Ford Racing 84.5mm Mustang Throttle Body - 11-13 GT & 12-13 Boss - $609.95 ON SALE
  3. Engine Parts
    contact me thru here ---> mustang supercharger and parts 700miles on it $200 plus shipping
  4. Power Adders
    I expect to be increasing the size of everything on the intake side of my Whipple. This also means a bigger throttle body thus the reason for this one going in the classifieds. I am asking $500 obo.
  5. Engine Parts
    hey guys to much stuff cluttering up the garage would like to get rid of some of it, ill post a list just make and offer on what you need thx. 96-01 alternator 96-98 timing cover 96 mark viii b heads/ w cams 03 cobra cams low mileage 35k 01 cobra cams low mileage 10k 1 set of primary gears mach...
  6. Engine Parts
    Selling a 75mm BBK Throttle body and C&L plenum for sale from my 99 GT are in excellent condition. will sell Both for $220 without shipping. located in CA thanks for looking
  7. Engine Parts
  8. Engine Parts
    FOR SALE!!! Parts For 4.6 SOHC engine (99-04) BBK Long Tube Headers (ceramic coated) Typhoon Intake Manifold (Polished Aluminum) Accufab Upper Intake Plenum w/ 70mm Throttle Body (Polished Aluminum) $1200 For all... No shipping charge Currently in North Alabama Contact me on here or email at...
  9. Power Adders
    Used for about 1 year. $350 Shipped OBO By the way, Jon Lund has the drive by wire down so good on these now that it feels like a stock TB. I switched from a Whipple 3.4 to a KB Stage 3. Send a PM if interested.
  10. The Bar
    i have a intake and exhaust on my 04 gt would it run fine if i used a 75 mm throttle body and pleum on it?