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  1. Power Adders
    This is a Garrett GT42 with a precision 76mm compressor wheel. It has a 74-82mm Turbine wheel. T4 housing with a 1.15 AR. The compressor housing is Powder coated metalic grey. I just had this turbo freshened/rebuilt. I have put about 60+ miles on it since the rebuild so it is still fresh. The...
  2. Power Adders
    I have removed my turbo kit from my 2006 3v Mustang GT. For pics prior to removal please go here. There is EVERYTHING that came with the Turbonetics turbo kit along with some additional goodies. like ALL the gauges needed to run the kit. TruBoost gauge, EGT, A/F...
  3. Power Adders
    The kit is off my 05 Mustang Gt, the car was at Sema in 2007 with this kit on it. We were in a rush to get the car together and got the car from totally stock to as ready as we could get for Sema in 2 and a half weeks. The car made 435hp/455ft lb on 8 psi and 93 octane pump gas. Since then the...
1-3 of 3 Results