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  1. Power Adders
    I have a newly rebuilt Vortech T-trim supercharger kit. Comes with the air/water aftercooler. Also included is a complete 8 rib conversion and belt. ATI +10% overdriven crank pulley. 200 AMP powermaster alternator. Boost a spark and brand new NGK tr6 plugs included. The kit also has...
  2. 2011 - 2014 Mustang GT and Boss 302
    Steeda is now carrying Vortech supercharger systems for the 11-12 5.0! Let me know if I can help you with anything! Vortech Mustang Black Supercharger System - $5,449.95 Vortech Mustang Polished Supercharger System - $5,449.95 Vortech Mustang Satin Supercharger System - $5,149.95 Check...
  3. 1996-2001 Cobra / 2003-2004 Mach 1 Classifieds
    Looking to trade my 1600 Mile Vortech JT Trim Supercharger for a complete 03-04 cobra swap eaton setup, It will work on a 99-01 cobra or 03-04 Mach 1. I am changing because this is a street car and I would like more bottom end in the car. The kit was designed for the mach 1 but I had it bolted...
  4. Vehicles
    Hey guys been throwing around the idea of selling my car so I figured id put it up here too just to see if anyone local wants it. Ive owned it 3 years, bought it from a guy in lincoln. Only reason I wanna get rid of it is bc i want a fox now and found one so this has to go. Exterior is really...
  5. Power Adders
    It's in perfect condition. Selling because I switched to 8-rib. $75 + shipping. I also have a second one with a 3.05" diameter
  6. Power Adders
    Selling a Tial Q bov in black that was only used on my car for dyno tuning. Everything is in perfect condition and since I already run a Tial flange it includes everything that you would get with a new kit (Aluminum flange, o ring, v band clamp, etc.). Looking to get $180 shipped plus paypal...
  7. Power Adders
    i got this powercooler in a deal and i cant use it on my car. its for 05-09 its missing the reservoir tank, and might be missing other misc. stuff not sure what else but it does come with the pump, lines/hoses and heat exchanger with the mounting brackets i will get picks up and from that you...
  8. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    So i've been having series of problems with my 99 GT for the past couple of month after its been sitting for a long time. It has a vortech on 8 psi. I had a flow problem with the stock midpipe but it got fixed when i switched to catted xpipe. Recently I've noticed the car idling weird. i've...
  9. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    It appears that my belt alignment is off. It looks like the Vortech blower pulley is sitting too far in/out towards the motor. What determines how far onto the shaft the pulley sits? Could I use a washer between the pulley bolt and the pulley to space it inward? Suggestions? Thanks.
  10. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    I have a 99 Mustang that has been sitting around and only been driven once every month until recently I'm trying to get it ready to be sold. It had a rebuilt motor at 78k miles. now has about 96k miles and until 3 months ago when I floored it it still pulled hard. I've started noticing some...
  11. 2003 - 2004 SVT Mustang Cobra
    Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a short summary of what i'm doing and looking for help with : Swapping a 3.8L v6:mad2: w/ an 04 mach 1 4.6 and putting on an air to air intercooled vortech supercharger. I'm looking for insight on the install, suggestions or comments, tips or pointers / really...
  12. 1996-2004 Mustang Classifieds
    SOLD!!! Blower has about 10k miles on it. Current pulley is for 7-9psi. On my car with all the bolt-ons, I made 401/398 at the wheels on a Mustang dyno. Going back to N/A so I don't need it anymore. You will also get the intake pipe, fender-well mounting bracket for air filter, discharge...
  13. Engine Parts
    Vortech V3-SQ w/ belt, mounting bracket, bolts, discharge pipe. Blower has about 10k miles on it. Current pulley is for 7-9psi. On my car with all the bolt-ons, I made 401/398 at the wheels on a Mustang dyno. Going back to N/A so I don't need it anymore. Pics upon request. $2,000 obo.
  14. Power Adders
    contact me through here----> mustang supercharger and parts p1sc, 3 core, injectors, pump, maf, power pipe, vortech bypass valve $2300 not including shipping as of right now im not parting it out (made 389hp on my gt) also have bbk 78mm tb $200 4.6 engine and tranny
  15. Power Adders
    EUC Supercharger Installation kit, includes everything needed to install a Vortech blower. Includes all brackets, hoses, injectors and fuel pump. Email with any questions [email protected] Asking your best offer plus shipping.
  16. 1996-2004 Mustang Classifieds
    I have a vortech after cooler for the 99-04 GT kit for sale, im selling it because i want to run a FMIC setup. there is some sctraches on it and the sticker is missing but no structual damage at all. Asking 750 obo will ship within the US at buyers expense. Zip code for shipping is 95670 im in...
  17. Engine Parts
    hey guys im brand new here, not sure exactly how this site works yet. ive got a 2001 Bullitt with 35k miles. all parts im going to list have 35k miles or less. complete intake upper/lower with twin 57mm throttle body (35k miles) Vortech V3-SI (not even 10 miles) blew my motor, 10PSI on stock...
  18. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    Okay, I need help with this: Kenne bell BAP (dunno why everybody hates on baps so much, they seem to last and work well!) or some sorta external/replacement fuel pump...I can't go that expensive, the BAP is only 20 bucks for me (the 20 series) VS. 100s+ for other fueling. My main concern is...
  19. 1996 - 2004 Mustang GT
    currently have stock headers, o/r h-pipe, 40 series mufflers on my 99 vortech gt. i think it's just way too loud for everyday driving. anyone knows a quiet setup when rpm is under 3k?
1-19 of 33 Results