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  1. Power Adders
    Selling my complete Zex Nitrous kit. Model number is for 99-04 Mustangs. I am selling the following: Zex wet kit with NMU and fuel rail adapter (like new) Zex purge kit with lines (like new) Zex bottle heater (like new) Zex safety blowdown tube (like new) Zex pressure gauge (like new)...
  2. Power Adders
    Installed but never used. Going a different route. Zex 99-04 Wet kit Zex automatic bottle heater Zex bottle gauge Zex safety blow down tube Zex dual purge Totals over $900, selling $800 OBO Also have Harris Speedworks MicroEdge nitrous controller, new and never installed. $250 Complete...
  3. Nitrous Oxide
    ok i have a few questions about nitrous timing, i have 2 tunes on my car one is at 16* for nitrous and the other is 21* w/o nitrous now i know when the engine is hot it pulls timing automaticly... my question is if 1 spray on 21* and the engine is cold (only a 55 shot) am i at risk of bad things...
  4. Power Adders
    Harris Speed Works Wet Nitrous Kit & HSW Revolution Bottle Heater (their top of the line heater, made of nomex, much better than regular heaters). Includes nozzle, two jets (jetted for 150 shot on a TPI Trans Am), solenoids, 10lb bottle, relays, master switch, lines, pressure gauge &...
1-4 of 4 Results