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  1. 2005 - 2010 Mustang GT
    Hey guys i recently put in some gauges in my 06 gt with kenne bell 2.6 everything went well the wideband readings were spot on ... but i decided to change my axel back exhaust from magnaflow magnapack to borla s-type , one problem i ran into my magnaflow mid pipes were 3 inch but borla axel back...
  2. Electronics
    Selling my FAST Dual Wideband setup..I never got around to installing it on my car and I'm now going a different route. Comes with everything you need, including the suction cup if you choose to mount it on your windshield. Also I have available for sale the RPM module kit for it, so that...
  3. Electronics
    $400 shipped 1 new sensor included the other had been lost LM-2 Wideband New O2 bungs (2) Carry case i used this kit literally 3 times and since has been sitting in the box on my shelf i paid $640 when it was new. my loss you gain
  4. Electronics
    Selling a used LM-1. This unit was also just refurbished by Innovate back in Feb 2010. Comes with the LM-1, wiring and two bosch wideband oxygen sensors. I am missing the serial cable to use with a laptop, this cable is avaiable from Innovate for 8 bucks. This unit can be used with SCTs livelink...
  5. Electronics
    Aeroforce Interceptor Gauge (blue back ground) for 96-04 Ford OB2 Car, and Aeroforce Wideband O2 Setup. The gauge was only used for about a month, so it's like new, the wideband has never been new. Have paperwork and boxes for both. The wideband just ties into the gauge, and can be read on the...
1-5 of 5 Results