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  1. Engine Parts
    I have some 2003/04 Cobra parts I am looking to sell. I ended up buying a complete engine so I no longer need these. I have listed them below with prices, all prices below are plus PP fees and shipping if not specified. All prices are OBO and I can send pics to your e-mail upon...
  2. 1987 -1993 Mustang
    Hey guys i'm pretty new here to the whole ford world. I have general automotive knowlege but not specifically relevant to fords. I'm a little bit stumped here. I've got a FI 302 HO in a 87 mustang coupe. I was driving it 3 days ago then I try to start it and it won't start. I tried replacing the...
  3. Modular V8 and V10 Conversions and Swaps
    OK, WOOOSAAAAA...... I have an 01 Roush stage 2 that i converted over to an 03 cobra engine drivetrain (please dont ask why im still kicking myself cuz i could have just bought an 04 mystic and been happy with the roush in storage) ANYWAY i have swapped all harnesses and computer except for the...
1-3 of 3 Results