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01 cobra to 03 cobra swap
Sup guys... Am getting an 03 engine and tranny with the following parts..( All accessories are included ie. water pump, alternator, pedal assembly, power steering pump, motor mounts, A/C compressor, starter, engine wiring harness, manifolds, supercharger w/ factory diameter pulley, maf, CAI,pedal assembly, throttle body and PCM (computer) are all included).

Apart from the intercooler lines, heat exchanger, intercooler pump, throttle cables.. is anything else needed to complete the swap to an 2001 cobra.

And just curious.... I have $8900 cash and i own 01 cobra that burns oil and rattling noise on start ups. what could i do with that make the car faster(500wrhp)....forced induction is a must.....
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