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All the partshave 36k on them I'm parting it all out(unless I said otherwise). Check myfeedback!
Eatonsupercharger -3700 miles on it, has plenum and throttle body-Bypass valveactuator 525 shipped
Eatonsupercharger 36k has plenum throttle body 450 shipped
Lower intakemanifold 425 shipped
lower intakeintercooler 225 shipped
lower intakewater adapter with 2 tubes , gasket and bolts 100 shipped
Idler bracket withidler - it sits where alternators sit on N/A cars 60 shipped
upper and loweralternator brackets 85 shipped
Vacuum lines 45shipped
oil cooler 175shipped
ac pump 55shipped
power steering pump40 shipped
NEW ecu harness170 shipped
Fpdm 45 shipped
Computer 250shipped
IAT2 sensor,one on the back of Eaton SC-25 shipped with bolts
6rib and 8ribbelt-new 50 shipped
Sct 4 bankschip burner 160 shipped new
P51 2v intake500 shipped
Cluster 58k 180shipped
Cluser with 30k250 shipped
Lunar gt gaugecluster new lense 400 shipped
T56 36k(trans,bellhousing, shifter) 1450+actual shipping (had a stock eaton its whole life)
03 cobra longblock 36k 3500(had a stock eaton its whole life)
Mahle new stdbore flat top pistons with rings out of a new aluminator motor 500 shipped
Canton roadracing oil pan 8qts 200 shipped
Diablo chip 40shipped
Drivers sidefolding mirror 160 shipped
Carbon fibernos bottle 375 shipped
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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