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My 2003 Cobra developed a tick or knock when I went to start it this last Friday. I had the undercooler intercooler replaced last week after it burst. They also changed the plugs and the oil while they were at it from water that fouled them up. It ran great Tuesday on the way home, Thursday on the way to from work so about 100 miles in all.

Now the tick/knock:

Starts when the motor starts, stops 2-3 minutes after running
Sounds almost like a lifter
I can't tell which side of the engine it's on, driver/passenger head. I suspect passenger.
It's on it's way back to ART to get checked out but I wanted other ideas if you have them.

Things I suspect it could be:
Piston Slap
Valve Tick (valve guides problem)
Exhaust leak
spark plug coming loose
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