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03 Cobra Wiring Harness Questions

I'm looking at the pinout diagram for an 03 Cobra. I'm doing a gutting of the wiring harness here soon and wanted to make sure that I didn't take something out I didn't need.

I'm going to be going return style on the fuel system, so are the following needed?

Pin 40 - Fuel Pump Monitor
Pin 62 - Fuel tank pressure transducer sensor, signal
Pin 63 - Fuel Rail Pressure Transducer sensor, input
Pin 81 - Electronic Pressure Control solenoid
Pin 90 - Reference Voltage (best I can tell this is only used with pin 63, Rail Pressure)

Can I use Pin 80 (Fuel Pump Control Signal) to run a relay for my pumps for the return system?

I'm going to eliminate the emissions (EGR/Evap/Supercharger Bypass) equipment on the car, so are these needed?

Pin 45 - Supercharger bypass solenoid, control
Pin 47 - EGR Vacuum Regulator (EVR), control
Pin 65 - Differential Pressure Feedback EGR (DPFE) sensor, input
Pin 67 - EVAP canister vent control solenoid, control

Anyone know what Pin 91 is? The only thing I can find is (signal, return)

I don't believe pins 8 and 42 (IMRC Module) stuff are used on a Cobra, so I assume those aren't needed?

What is Pin 29 (Transmission Control Switch, Input) for? I can't find it in wiring diagrams, so I assume it's for another car other than an 03 Cobra?

Can I used Pins 28 and 46 (Low and High Speed Fan Control Relays, control) to trigger my fan?

What is Pin 38 (Reference Voltage) used for? I have found a diagram that list pin 38 as the temp signal coming back in?

Sorry about all of the questions, appreciate any assistance someone can profide.
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