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I had to swap my 11 over to a 10 tank as their were no 11 hats available at the time.

I have a fore triple hat. They listed around $440 for the dual hat and $69 to upgrade to the triple.

In addition, I am including the 3 into 1 y block which listed for $85.

I have the fuel level sender adapter plate which was around $30 i believe. It's never been used.

About $620 worth of stuff. Probably an extra $60 in the fittings and lines as well.

I will also include the 3 lines / fittings that go to the y block as well.

The setup was in the car about 8 months. No, the Walbro's do not come with it.

Asking $400 shipped


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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