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    Really long story short I went from a 03-04 booster to the older boost from like 96 car with lines that are run under and next to the booster guys.

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    Great thread. Doing my car now. I plan on using braided lines and AN fittings. I have both 96-98 and 99-04 units. I plan on using the 2003 unit. I have been shown pics of the clearance with the 2003 and the stock lines as well as aftermarket. It is tight but it does fit. I will post my results when I am done. Does anyone know what size and pitch the booster and pedal assembly bolts are? I did not get them with the purchase and do not have any at home that work.

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    I have discovered that lining up the eliptical hole on the 99-04 pedal box and fox box results in the entire fox steering rack mounts being pushed forward 3/4" more or less. If you do the welding like this you will have to push the steering rack toward the rack and pinion 3/4". This will cause the stock steering shaft to be too short and only a flaming river solid shaft that is 3/4" shorter to work. The other option is to move the rack mounting points backward 3/4" which is some work. If you are shooting for a clean install this is not your option.

    As well, if you are using offset rack bushings and you have a rack that is in the upward offset position, then you will also have to take another 1/4"-1/2" off of the shaft, for a total of 1" removed.

    I am using a 00R rack and MM hybrid shaft. I measured the existing flaming river that I had on my other car, same setup, and with the 3/4" less room there is not enough room to use the MM hydrid shaft. I am going to have to redo the pedal box moving the fox pedal assembly 3/4" backward from where the two eliptical round holes align. I purchased a pedal box to replace a clutch pedal in my 93 and used that one to make this box. Just letting you all know what I ran into. My build is a little different than most so I encountered these issues.
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    I'm about to do this modification on my coupe. I found this thread in a search, but all the pictures are blurred out by photobucket. Is there a way to see the pictures clearly?

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